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ZHONGTIAN Securities
ZHONGTIAN Securities
WikiStocks Rating ⭐⭐⭐
Fees Commissions:0.25%
Interests on uninvested cash 1.47%
Mutual Funds Offered Yes
Platform/APP Zhongtian Securities e-Caitong (formerly Zhongtian Securities Tongdaxin Integrated Version),Zhongtian Securities e-Caishun (formerly Zhongtian Securities Flush new generation client).etc
Promotion N/A

ZHONGTIAN Information

  Zhongtian Securities offers competitive trading conditions with a commission rate of 0.25% and a modest interest rate of 1.47% on uninvested cash, which can appeal to budget-conscious investors.

  The firm provides access to mutual funds and features user-friendly trading platforms like Zhongtian Securities e-Caitong and e-Caishun.

  However, a potential downside is the lack of promotional offers, which will be less attractive to new clients looking for initial incentives.

ZHONGTIAN Information

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Regulated by CSRC Only One Deposit Ways By Bank Transferring
Unique Trading APP(ZhongTian Securities) Difficult to Open An Account For Abroad Clients
Multiple Tradable Assets(Including Stocks,Bonds,Fixed Income and Others) Too-Simple Fee Structure
All-day Online Customer Services


  Zhongtian Securities is regulated by the CSRC, ensuring a reliable regulatory framework for its operations. It features a unique trading app, enhancing accessibility for its users. The firm offers a wide array of tradable assets including stocks, bonds, and fixed income, meeting diverse investor needs. Additionally, it provides all-day online customer service, offering constant support for its clients.


  The brokerage only allows deposits through bank transferring, which will limit flexibility for some investors. International clients will find the account opening process challenging. Additionally, the fee structure is described as overly simple, which could be a disadvantage for traders looking for more tailored fee options based on their trading volume or asset choice.

Is ZHONGTIAN Securities Safe?


  ZHONGTIAN Securities is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), ensuring adherence to strict regulatory standards which enhances its reliability and trustworthiness for investors.


  Funds Safety:

  ZHONGTIAN Securities' adherence to CSRC regulations ensures the application of strict safeguards, typically including the segregation of client funds. This regulatory measure protects client investments from being misused for the company's operational activities, providing a layer of security that helps maintain the integrity of clients' capital.

  Safety Measures:

  ZHONGTIAN Securities likely employs encryption and other security measures to protect client data and funds, consistent with regulatory requirements.

  This includes protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of client information and to prevent data breaches, contributing to a secure trading environment.

Safety Measures
Safety Measures

What are securities to trade with ZHONGTIAN Securities?

  ZHONGTIAN Securities offers a diverse range of securities for trading, providing clients with multiple opportunities for investment:

  •   Margin Trading: Provides clients with the ability to leverage their investments by borrowing funds to purchase stocks, amplifying both potential gains and losses. This service attracts experienced investors looking for increased exposure with a higher risk-reward ratio.

  •   Fund Column: This service provides access to a variety of mutual funds and ETFs, allowing investors to diversify across multiple asset classes through professionally managed funds.

    • Margin Trading
    •   Futures IB: This refers to brokerage services related to futures contracts, enabling investors to speculate on or hedge against future price movements in various commodities and financial instruments.

    •   Stock Options: Offers opportunities to trade options, which are derivatives that give the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a stock at a predetermined price within a specific period.

    •   Investment Bank: Provides corporate finance services such as mergers and acquisitions advice, public offerings, and other large transactions.

    • Investment Bank
      •   Fixed Income: Focuses on investments that provide regular returns, such as bonds and other debt securities, appealing to those seeking stability in their investment income.

      •   Brokerage: Offers traditional stock trading services, enabling clients to buy and sell shares through the companys trading platform.

      •   Futures Column: Discusses futures trading strategies and market insights, helping traders understand and capitalize on futures markets.

      • Investment Bank

        ZHONGTIAN Securities Fee Review

          The fee structure of Zhongtian Securities (Hong Kong) is designed to meet various trading activities, with charges that are straightforward and competitive.

        •   Commission Fee (2.5‰): This is relatively competitive, allowing traders to engage in frequent transactions without excessive costs. It's designed to accommodate both high volume traders and those with moderate trading activity, ensuring affordability across various trading scales.

        •   Stamp Duty (1‰): This government-mandated fee is standard across Hong Kong securities firms and is applied to each transaction, directly contributing to regulatory compliance and the operational sustainability of the financial markets.

        •   Transfer Fee (0.3‰): This fee covers the administrative costs associated with the transfer of securities ownership. It's a necessary charge that facilitates the secure and legal transfer of assets between parties within the trading ecosystem.

        •   Account Opening Fee (Free): The waiver of this fee encourages new investors to enter the market without the barrier of upfront costs, making stock investment more accessible to the general public and potentially increasing the customer base.

        •   Platform Fee (Free): By not charging a platform fee, Zhongtian Securities aims to attract a tech-savvy demographic looking to utilize advanced trading tools without additional costs, enhancing the trading experience and customer satisfaction.

        •   Settlement Fee (0.05‰) and **Transaction Levy (0.05‰)**: These minimal fees are crucial for covering the operational costs involved in the settlement process and regulatory compliance, ensuring the integrity and smooth functioning of trade executions.

        •   Trading Levy (0.027‰): This small fee contributes to maintaining the regulatory standards and infrastructure that support the securities trading environment, reinforcing the stability and security of the financial market.

        • ZHONGTIAN Securities Fee Review

          ZHONGTIAN Securities Trading Platform Review

            Zhongtian Securities offers a range of trading platforms for both PC and mobile devices:

            Sure, here's a breakdown of the trading platforms offered by Zhongtian Securities, categorized into PC and Mobile versions:

            PC Versions:

          •   Zhongtian Securities e-Caitong: Offers analysis, multi-market support, and personal financial management. It includes advanced functions for trading on the Hong Kong Stock Connect, options, and the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

          •   Zhongtian Securities e-Caishun: This platform supports a wide array of markets including U.S. stocks, global indexes, and commodity futures, featuring in-depth financial analysis and market conditions.

          • ZHONGTIAN Securities Trading Platform Review
            •   Zhongtian Securities e Caihui: Tailored for sophisticated market analysis, supporting the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and various commodity futures markets.

            •   Zhongtian Securities entrusts to place orders: Simplifies order placement, supporting various market activities including margin trading and stock transfers.

            • ZHONGTIAN Securities Trading Platform Review

                Mobile Versions:

              •   Zhongtian Securities Exchange Point Options Mobile Version: Designed for options trading, this app is suitable for users with Android 3.1 and above, allowing trading via data cable, infrared, Bluetooth, or QR code scanning.

              •   Zhongtian Securities Huidian Options True Simulation Mobile Version: Supports real simulated trading of stock options for Android users, enhancing familiarity with trading systems and rules through virtual funds.

              • Mobile Versions

                Research & Education

                  Zhongtian Securities provides investor education, focusing on:

                •   Educational Initiatives: Includes special events like “Neighborhood Mutual Aid into the Community” and educational sessions in schools to raise awareness on investment and fraud prevention.

                •   Risk Awareness Campaigns: Regular campaigns against illegal fundraising and online fraud, enhancing investor's knowledge on safeguarding scams.

                •   Public Service Publicity: Publishes materials that foster public awareness of the safety and integrity of investment environments.

                •   Investor Education Portal: Offers a range of educational resources through their website, including detailed Q&A sections, investment risk disclosures, and legal guidelines related to securities trading.

                Research & Education

                Customer Service

                  The customer support for the company is located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, at Guangrong Street, 23A, Heping District.

                  They offer a service with a manual customer service option available at telephone number 024-95346, extension 3.

                  For additional queries or document submissions, customers can use the fax number 024-23255606. More details and services can be accessed through their website at www.iztzq.com.

                Customer Service


                  Zhongtian Securities is a securities firm offering a wide array of services including trading in stocks, bonds, and derivatives, along with investment education and customer support.

                  The company is known for its robust educational initiatives aimed at enhancing investor knowledge and safety, as well as a wide range of trading platforms that meet various customer needs.

                  They emphasize anti-fraud education and community outreach, underscoring their commitment to client security and market integrity.


                  1. What services does Zhongtian Securities offer?

                  - Zhongtian Securities provides trading services in stocks, bonds, and derivatives, alongside extensive investor education and support.

                  2. How can I contact Zhongtian Securities for support?

                  - Customers can contact Zhongtian Securities via their customer service number at 024-95346 or visit their physical address in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

                  3. Does Zhongtian Securities offer online trading platforms?

                  - Yes, Zhongtian Securities offers several online trading platforms, including mobile and PC applications, meeting various trading needs and preferences.

                Risk Warning

                  The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.



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Securities Lending Fully Paid、Margin Loans、Annuities、Bonds & Fixed Income、Futures、Investment Advisory Service、Options、Stocks、ETFs、Mutual Funds

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