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No. 1508, Xinzha Road, Jing'An District, Shanghai, China

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No. 1508, Xinzha Road, Jing'An District, Shanghai, China

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Everbright Securities
Everbright Securities
WikiStock Rating⭐⭐⭐
Account MinimumN/A
Trading FeesCommission fees up to 0.05‰
Account Related FeesNot required
Interests on Uninvested CashN/A
Margin Interest Rates8.35% annual rate for both margin financing and short selling
Mutual Funds OfferedYes
App/PlatformEverbright Securities Golden Sunshine, Everbright Flush, Everbright Securities Account Opening, Everbright Tongdaxin

EVERBRIGHT Securities Information

  Everbright Securities, regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, offers a wide array of tradable securities, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, and derivatives. Their services span wealth management, margin trading, and investment banking, accommodating both individual and corporate clients.

  With a competitive commission fee of 0.3‰, Everbright Securities is cost-effective for investors.

What is EVERBRIGHT Securities?

Pros and Cons

  Everbright Securities holds regulatory approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), ensuring compliance with legal standards. This oversight fosters trust among investors in the company's operations. Everbright Securities offers a wide range of tradable securities, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, and derivatives, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios. Their comprehensive financial services cover wealth management, margin trading, and investment banking. The competitive commission fee of 0.3‰ is particularly appealing, offering cost-effective trading compared to many competitors.

  Despite its strengths, Everbright Securities presents several challenges. The official website being exclusively in Chinese limits accessibility for non-Chinese-speaking investors, potentially excluding a broader, international clientele.

Regulated by CSRCOfficial website in Chinese only
Various Portfolio of Tradable Securities
Comprehensive Financial Services
User-Friendly Mobile Trading Platforms
Competitive commission fees (0.3‰)

Is EVERBRIGHT Securities Safe?

  • Regulations:
  •   Everbright Securities, a prominent financial services company in China, operates under strict regulatory oversight. The firm holds a China Securities Trading License, ensuring its compliance with the legal and operational standards mandated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

    Is EVERBRIGHT Securities Safe?
    • Funds Safety:
    •   The customer's account balance in Everbright Securities is insured up to a certain limit by the China Securities Investor Protection Fund (SIPF). As of the latest available information, the coverage amount is up to 500,000 RMB per customer, providing a level of protection for investors against financial losses.

      • Safety Measures:
      •   Everbright Securities implies account trading behavior monitoring and control, ensuring the security and stability of option trading. In cases where trading behavior triggers security monitoring, trading may be temporarily blocked.

        Is EVERBRIGHT Securities Safe?

        What are Securities to Trade with EVERBRIGHT Securities?

          EVERBRIGHT Securities provides a wide portfolio of tradable securities, enabling clients to engage in various market activities.

          Stocks are a core offering, including both A-shares and B-shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen, as well as international equities via Hong Kong Stock Connect. This broad access allows investors to diversify across different regions and sectors.

          ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) are available, providing a cost-effective way to gain exposure to a wide range of markets, sectors, and asset classes. These funds are ideal for clients seeking diversified investment options with the flexibility of stock trading.

          Mutual Funds offer another layer of diversification, managed by professional fund managers. These funds provide access to a wide range of asset classes and investment strategies.

          Bonds & Fixed Income securities include government and corporate bonds, offering stable income and lower volatility compared to equities. These are suitable for risk-averse investors seeking regular interest payments.

          In the derivatives market, Futures and Options are available for hedging and speculative purposes. Futures contracts allow for trading in commodities, indices, and financial instruments, while options provide strategic flexibility in managing market positions.

          Investment Advisory Services complement these products, offering professional guidance and tailored investment strategies. This service is valuable for clients who require expert insights and personalized financial planning.


          EVERBRIGHT Securities offers a comprehensive range of financial services.

          Wealth Management encompasses retail and futures brokerage, OTC business, options trading, digital finance solutions, and wealth management advisory.

          The firm also supports Margin Trading, Stock Pledge, and Agreed Repurchase services, providing liquidity options and leveraging opportunities for clients.

          In the Corporate Finance cluster, EVERBRIGHT excels in Investment Banking, facilitating mergers, acquisitions, and public offerings.

          It also provides Debt Financing and Financial Leasing, assisting companies with capital raising and asset management.

          These services position EVERBRIGHT as a versatile partner in both individual and corporate financial landscapes.


        EVERBRIGHT Securities Fees Review

        • Commissions and Fees

          EVERBRIGHT Securities, as a prominent broker in China's financial markets, implements a comprehensive fee structure across various asset classes. Heres a breakdown of their main fees for different types of transactions:

          A-Share Transactions (Shanghai and Shenzhen Markets)

          Commission Fees:

          For trading A-shares, including those on the ChiNext and STAR Market, EVERBRIGHT Securities charges a commission that does not exceed 3‰ of the transaction amount. This fee encompasses a 0.0341‰ handling fee and a 0.02‰ regulatory fee. The minimum charge per transaction is set at 5 RMB. Such a rate is relatively high compared to the industry average, where typical fees range from 0.1‰ to 0.25‰, and competitive brokers often offer commissions below 0.1‰.

          Additional Fees:

        • Transfer Fees: There is a 0.01‰ transfer fee applied to the transaction amount.
        • Stamp Duty: A 0.5‰ stamp duty is charged on the sale of shares only.

          B-Share Transactions

          Commission Fees:

          For B-share transactions, which are traded in foreign currencies, the commission fee is capped at 3‰, including a 0.0341‰ handling fee. This fee applies whether the trades are in USD for Shanghai or HKD for Shenzhen markets.

          Additional Fees:

        • Stamp Duty: Similar to A-shares, a 0.5‰ stamp duty is levied on sales, payable in USD for Shanghai and in HKD for Shenzhen.
        • Settlement Fees: A settlement fee of 0.02‰ of the transaction amount is charged, with a ceiling of 50 USD for Shanghai and 500 HKD for Shenzhen.

          Bond and Convertible Bond Transactions

          Commission Fees:

          Bond trading commissions are capped at 0.2‰ of the transaction value, with a minimum fee of 1 RMB. For convertible bonds, the fees differ slightly: in Shanghai, the commission is capped at 0.2‰ (including a 0.04‰ handling fee), while in Shenzhen, it can go up to 1‰.

          This fee structure for bonds is more aligned with industry norms, falling within the average range typically seen among brokers.

          Fund Transactions (Including Stock ETFs, LOFs, REITs)

          Commission Fees:

          EVERBRIGHT Securities charges up to 3‰ of the transaction amount for trading funds, including stock ETFs, LOFs, and REITs. This includes a handling fee of 0.04‰. However, for REITs, the handling fee is temporarily waived. The minimum fee for such transactions is 5 RMB.

          Given that many brokers charge lower rates for mutual funds and ETFs, often around 0.1‰ to 0.5‰, EVERBRIGHT's fund transaction fees are notably higher than the market average.

          Hong Kong Stock Connect

          Commission Fees:

          For transactions through the Hong Kong Stock Connect, EVERBRIGHT Securities charges up to 3‰ of the transaction value.

          When compared to other popular brokers, EVERBRIGHT Securities' fee structure is quite competitive, particularly for A-share and B-share transactions.

        Transaction TypeCommission FeeAdditional Fees
        Shanghai A-Share≤ 3‰ (Min 5 RMB)0.01‰ Transfer Fee, 0.5‰ Stamp Duty (Sell Only)
        Shenzhen A-Share≤ 3‰ (Min 5 RMB)0.01‰ Transfer Fee, 0.5‰ Stamp Duty (Sell Only)
        B-Share (Shanghai)≤ 3‰ (Includes 0.0341‰ Handling Fee)0.5‰ Stamp Duty (Sell Only), 0.02‰ Settlement Fee (Max 50 USD)
        B-Share (Shenzhen)≤ 3‰ (Includes 0.0341‰ Handling Fee)0.5‰ Stamp Duty (Sell Only), 0.02‰ Settlement Fee (Max 500 HKD)
        Bonds≤ 0.2‰ (Min 1 RMB)N/A
        Convertible Bonds (Shanghai)≤ 0.2‰ (Includes 0.04‰ Handling Fee, Min 1 RMB)N/A
        Convertible Bonds (Shenzhen)≤ 1‰ (Includes 0.04‰ Handling Fee)N/A
        Fund Transactions (Including ETFs, LOFs, REITs)≤ 3‰ (Includes 0.04‰ Handling Fee, Min 5 RMB)N/A
        ETF Subscription and Redemption≤ 5‰ of Face Value0.25‰ Transfer Fee
        Treasury Repo (1-day)≤ 0.01‰ of Face ValueN/A
        Treasury Repo (7-day)≤ 0.05‰ of Face ValueN/A
        Beijing Stock Exchange Stocks≤ 1.5‰ (Includes 0.125‰ Handling Fee, Min 5 RMB)0.01‰ Transfer Fee, 0.5‰ Stamp Duty (Sell Only)
        NEEQ Stocks≤ 1.5‰ (Includes 0.5‰ Handling Fee, Min 5 RMB)0.01‰ Transfer Fee, 0.5‰ Stamp Duty (Sell Only)
        Old Third Board A-Share≤ 3‰ (Includes 0.6‰ Handling Fee)0.01‰ Transfer Fee, 0.5‰ Stamp Duty (Sell Only)
        Old Third Board B-Share≤ 4‰ (Includes 0.8‰ Handling Fee, 0.02‰ Settlement Fee)0.5‰ Stamp Duty (Sell Only), USD
        Hong Kong Stock Connect≤ 3‰ of Transaction Value0.027‰ Trading Levy, 0.0015‰ Financial Reporting Council Fee, 0.0565‰ Trading Fee
        Stock Options Trading12 RMB per Contract1.3 RMB Handling Fee (ETFs), 3 RMB Handling Fee (Stocks), 0.3 RMB Settlement Fee (ETFs), 0.45 RMB Settlement Fee (Stocks)
        Stock Options Exercise1‰ of Contract Face Value0.5‰ Transfer Fee
        Hong Kong Stock Connect Settlement Fee0.02‰ of Transaction Amount (Min 2 HKD, Max 100 HKD)N/A
        Hong Kong Stock Connect Stamp Duty1‰ of Transaction Value (Both Sides, Rounded)N/A
        • Margin Interest Rate

          Everbright Securities charges an 8.35% annual rate for both margin financing and short selling. This unified rate applies to borrowing for purchasing securities or selling them short, providing a clear and consistent cost structure for clients engaging in leveraged trading.

        EVERBRIGHT Securities Fees Review

        EVERBRIGHT Securities App Review

          Apps offered by EVERBRIGHT Securities are as follows:

          Everbright Securities Golden Sunshine

          The Golden Sunshine app is a comprehensive investment platform developed by Everbright Securities. It features mobile account opening, fast market information, stock trading, financial products, intelligent investment advisors, and a financial community. This app is designed for ease of use with a clean, interactive interface. Users can download the app from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store, or by scanning the QR code provided on the Everbright Securities website.

          Everbright Flush

          Everbright Tonghuashun (Flush) is a versatile mobile trading app offering extensive financial information and high-speed market data transmission. It supports inquiries and trading for Hong Kong and US stocks, futures, global indices, and funds. Special features include investment references, strength and weakness indexes, and trading prompts. This app is available for Android and can be downloaded by scanning the QR code from the Everbright Securities website.

          Everbright Securities Account Opening

          This app simplifies the account opening process with both one-way and two-way video services. It optimizes the interface for a more convenient and secure account setup. Users can open an account directly by scanning the QR code provided on the Everbright Securities platform.

          Everbright Tongdaxin

          The Tongdaxin app is designed for direct trading of Shanghai and Shenzhen A-shares and B-shares. It supports new stock subscriptions, convertible bond subscriptions, and bank-securities transfers. This straightforward app can be downloaded for Android by scanning the QR code available on Everbright Securities' website.

          For all apps, QR codes for direct download are available on the Everbright Securities website.

        EVERBRIGHT Securities App Review
        EVERBRIGHT Securities App Review

        Research & Education

          Everbright Securities offers comprehensive educational resources to assist investors.

          They provide foundational knowledge about the securities market and its risks, alongside insights into corporate governance and operational information.

          Their investor services encompass various aspects like investor relations, governance, and disclosure.

          Additionally, they offer educational materials such as videos and specialized activities to enhance investors' understanding of securities.

        Research & Education

        Customer Service

          Everbright Securities offers customer support through various channels. You can reach them via their hotline numbers: 95525 or 4008888788.

          For general inquiries, you can contact their main office at 021-2216 9999. Their customer service operates during regular business hours.


          In conclusion, Everbright Securities offers a robust platform with advantages such as a wide range of tradable securities and comprehensive financial services. However, its official website is available only in Chinese, potentially limiting its accessibility for non-Chinese-speaking users seeking to explore its offerings.

          The platform is suitable for both individual and corporate clients seeking access to a wide array of investment options and professional financial services.


        • Is it safe to trade on Everbright Securities?
          • Everbright Securities operates under strict regulatory oversight and adheres to legal and operational standards, ensuring the safety of client transactions and investments.
            • Is Everbright Securities a good platform for beginners?
              • Yes, Everbright Securities offers educational resources and user-friendly interfaces, making it suitable for beginners to learn and start investing in the financial markets.
                • Is Everbright Securities a legit platform?
                  • Yes, Everbright Securities is a legitimate financial services company regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
                    • Is Everbright Securities good for investing/retirement?
                      • Everbright Securities offers a wide portfolio of tradable securities and comprehensive financial services, making it suitable for long-term investing and retirement planning.
                      • Risk Warning

                          The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.


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Securities Lending Fully Paid、Margin Loans、Annuities、Bonds & Fixed Income、Futures、Investment Advisory Service、Options、Stocks、ETFs、Mutual Funds

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