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What is SWSC?

  Southwest Securities Company (SWSC), is a Chinese brokerage firm that offers a wide range of financial services, including brokerage, investment banking, asset management, and research. With a strong presence in both domestic and international markets, SWSC caters to the needs of individual and institutional investors. The company is committed to providing innovative financial solutions and leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience.

  However, SWSC's higher commission fees and limited international market access may deter cost-conscious investors and those seeking broader global trading options.

What is SWSC?

Pros and Cons of SWSC

  Southwest Securities provides a wide range of tradable securities and investment products, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, and derivatives, catering to diverse investment needs. The user-friendly trading platform is another significant benefit, equipped with advanced features that support effortless trading, detailed technical analysis, and real-time data access. Additionally, SWSC stands out for its extensive research and educational resources, which help investors make informed decisions, and its responsive customer service ensures clients receive timely and effective support.

  However, one notable disadvantage is that its commission fees can be higher than those charged by some other brokers, which might be a deterrent for cost-conscious investors. Additionally, while SWSC offers a broad range of domestic securities, its access to international markets is somewhat limited compared to some other brokers that provide more extensive global trading options.

Pros Cons
Wide range of tradable securities and investment products Commission fees can be higher than some other brokers
User-friendly trading platform with advanced features Limited international market access compared to some other brokers
Extensive research and educational resources
Responsive customer service

Is SWSC Safe?


  SWSC is officially licensed and regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) for a wide range of business activities.


  This firm was previously listed on the China SSE with a Global Seats designation, but its listing is currently closed.


  Funds Safety

  SWSC prioritizes the safety of client funds by adhering to strict regulatory requirements and implementing robust risk management measures. Client assets are held in segregated accounts, separate from the company's operating capital, ensuring their protection in the event of financial difficulties. The company also participates in the Investor Protection Fund, which provides additional security for investors.

  Safety Measures

  SWSC employs advanced security measures to protect client information and transactions. The company utilizes encryption technology to secure online communications and transactions, safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access. They also implement strict internal controls and procedures to monitor and mitigate risks associated with cyber threats and fraud.

What are securities to trade with SWSC?

  SWSC offers a variety of trading instruments, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, annuities, futures, options, and more.

securities to trade with SWSC

  Stocks: Investors can trade stocks listed on various exchanges, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. SWSC provides access to A-shares, B-shares, H-shares, and other types of stocks, allowing investors to participate in the growth of Chinese companies and the broader market.


  Bonds: SWSC offers a wide selection of bonds, including government bonds, corporate bonds, and convertible bonds. Investors can choose from various maturities and credit ratings to align with their risk tolerance and investment objectives.


  Funds: SWSC provides access to a diverse range of mutual funds and ETFs, covering various asset classes and investment themes. This allows investors to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to different markets and sectors.

  Derivatives: SWSC offers trading in various derivatives, including futures and options. These instruments can be used for hedging or speculation purposes, providing investors with additional tools to manage risk and enhance returns.


  Other Products: SWSC also offers other investment products, such as warrants, structured products, and margin trading. These products cater to more sophisticated investors who seek higher potential returns but are also willing to take on higher risks.

Other Products

SWSC Accounts

  SWSC offers several account types to cater to diverse investor needs and preferences:

  •   Individual Accounts: These accounts are designed for individual investors and offer access to a wide range of investment products and services.

  •   Corporate Accounts: These accounts are tailored for corporate clients and provide specialized services such as corporate finance and investment banking.

SWSC Accounts

SWSC Fees Review

  SWSC's commission fees vary depending on the type of security being traded. For A-shares, B-shares, funds, and stocks from the New Third Board or Beijing A-shares, the commission fee cannot exceed 3‰ of the transaction value. There's a minimum fee of 5 yuan, except for B-shares traded in Shenzhen, where the minimum is 5 HKD.

  For bonds (including treasury, corporate, convertible, etc.) and repurchase agreements, the commission fee structure is different. The maximum fee is 0.2‰ of the transaction value for bonds, with a minimum of 1 yuan for most bond types traded in Shanghai. For repurchase agreements, the commission fee varies based on the term of the agreement, ranging from 0.01‰ for a 1-day term to 0.3‰ for terms exceeding 28 days. There's also a specific fee structure for stock options trading.

SWSC Fees Review

SWSC App Review

  SWSC provides a range of trading platforms and tools to cater to different investor needs:

  Mobile Securities: SWSC offers a mobile trading app for iOS and Android devices, allowing investors to trade on the go. The app provides real-time quotes, charts, and news, as well as the ability to place and manage orders. It also offers a range of other features, such as portfolio management and research tools.

SWSC App Review

  Online Trading: SWSC's online trading platform is a web-based platform that offers a diverse suite of tools and features for trading and managing investments. It provides real-time market data, advanced charting capabilities, and a variety of order types. The platform also offers access to research reports, market news, and analysis from SWSC's team of experts.

Online Trading

  Institutional Trading: SWSC offers a dedicated client terminal for professional and institutional investors. This platform provides access to a wider range of markets and products, as well as advanced trading tools and features. It also offers direct access to SWSC's institutional trading desk.

Institutional Trading

Research and Education

  SWSC is committed to providing its clients with high-quality research and educational resources. The company's research team consists of experienced analysts who produce in-depth reports on various industries and companies. SWSC also offers a variety of educational resources, such as videos, webinars, seminars, and articles, to help investors improve their understanding of the financial markets.

Research and Education

Customer Service

  SWSC provides customer service through various channels, including phone (95355), email (95355@swsc.com.cn), and online chat. The company's customer service representatives areknowledgeable and responsive, and they are available to assist clients with a variety of issues, such as account opening, trading, and technical support.

Customer Service


  SWSC is a well-established brokerage firm that offers a diverse range of financial services to its clients. The company's strong backing, various product offerings, user-friendly platform, and commitment to research and education make it a good choice for both novice and experienced investors. However, potential clients should be aware of the company's higher commission fees and limited international market access.


  Q: What services does Southwest Securities Company (SWSC) offer?

  A: Southwest Securities Company (SWSC) is a Chinese brokerage firm providing a wide array of financial services, including brokerage, investment banking, asset management, and research.

  Q: What are the pros and cons of using SWSC?

  A: SWSC offers a wide range of tradable securities and investment products, user-friendly trading platforms with advanced features, extensive research and educational resources, and responsive customer service. However, its commission fees can be higher than those of some other brokers, and its international market access is somewhat limited.

  Q: How does SWSC ensure the safety of client funds and information?

  A: SWSC prioritizes the safety of client funds by using risk management measures, including segregating client assets from company capital.

Risk Warning

  WikiStock's expert assessment of the brokerage's website data is subject to change and should not be taken as financial advice. Online trading carries substantial risks, including the potential loss of all invested capital, and it's crucial to fully understand these risks before investing.


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