WikiStock Network Service Terms of Use
You are welcome to use WikiStock products for free or purchase, we will be dedicated to providing you with more comprehensive and better service. This agreement applies to all software products sold by the company. Please read the terms and conditions of this Agreement carefully before you purchase. By clicking on the "I agree to the agreement" button during the purchase of the program, you are entering into an agreement with the Company and are deemed to have understood and fully accepted all of the terms of this Agreement.
Ⅰ. Perfection and modification of the agreement
Perfection and modification of the agreement from time to time in accordance with the development of the Internet and the countries and regions of the relevant laws and regulations, and constantly improve the quality of service and modify the terms of this agreement, the user confirms that the company does not need to modify the terms of the agreement to notify the user one by one. Users continue to use the company's software products, the user is deemed to accept the revised terms of the agreement, the company and the user's rights and obligations between the agreement shall be subject to the latest revised terms of the agreement.
II. Registration information and privacy protection
1. After completing the registration application procedure, the user obtains the right to use the account, and the ownership of the account belongs to the company. Users should provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information, and continuously update the registration information to meet the timely, detailed and accurate requirements. The company shall not be responsible for any problems caused by untrue registration information and for the consequences arising from the occurrence of problems.
2. Users should not transfer or lend their accounts and passwords to others. If the user finds that his account has been illegally used by others, he should immediately notify the company. The company will not be responsible for any illegal use of the account or password due to hacking or the user's negligence.
3. Users forget the password lost or stolen password to the company to inquire about the password, must provide complete and accurate registration information, otherwise the company has the right to the principle of confidentiality for the user not to inform.
4. The user's user name and password can only be used by the user himself or herself, and shall not be transferred or authorized to others in any form. If the same account number and password are found to be logged in and used by more than one person at the same time, the company has the right to cancel the user qualification of this account and shall not pay any compensation or refund any service fees paid.
5. The Company does not disclose or make available to third parties the user's registration information unless:
(1) it has obtained the user's Lightning Version authorization in advance;
(2) the products and services requested by the user can only be provided if the user's personal information is disclosed;
(3) as required by relevant laws and regulations;
(4) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant governmental authorities.
III. Service content and viability
1. The user pays the software product service fee to the company, and the company provides software product service according to the user's demand. Including: software opening, professional data, proprietary models, proprietary analysis methods, such as one-time authorization and upgrade services, as well as technical support services, customer support services, quotes to provide services.
2. Service period: from the date of activation of the software account.
IV. Service Fees and Renewals
1. Product service software product fees are in accordance with the prices and incentives announced on the date of purchase.
2. If the User intends to continue to receive the Company's services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement after the expiration of the term of this Agreement, the User shall pay the Company the service fee in accordance with the fee standard agreed in this Agreement within fifteen working days prior to the expiration of the term of this Agreement, and the validity period of this Agreement shall be automatically extended.
3. If the validity period of this Agreement is extended, the number of extensions is unlimited. If the service fee of the Company is changed during the extension period, both parties shall fulfill the service fee according to the changed service fee after the expiration of the extension period.
V. User's Rights and Obligations
(一) User's rights
1. Users can log on to a terminal to use the software product, enjoy the right to obtain financial information, market data information and other services through the software product.
2. The user has the right to request the company to provide technical training and instruction on the operation of the software product by means of telephone answering.
3. The User has the right to request the Company to provide software product services and product upgrade services in a timely manner in accordance with this agreement.
4. Users have in the process of accepting the service found any operational faults or other circumstances that can not be used normally, you can call the company for guidance and assistance until the problem is properly resolved.
5. The User shall pay the Service Fee to the Company in a timely manner at the time and in the amount agreed upon in this Agreement. Users can pay the service fee to the company through door-to-door payment, online transfer, postal remittance or other effective payment methods; users pay at the door, but only to the company's financial staff to deliver the money and ask for legal payment vouchers. In addition to the above, the company does not have other ways to collect money, the company is prohibited to collect service fees from the user in the name of an individual, the user's own bank account in the name of an individual account or other accounts or the company's non-financial staff to pay the behavior of the company has nothing to do with the company.
6. After the termination of this Agreement, the User shall no longer enjoy the rights to the fee-based services provided by the Company under this contract, but may continue to enjoy the rights to the free version of the software product services provided by the Company.
(二) User's obligations
1. Users download the company's software products through regular channels, set their own accounts and passwords, the user should properly protect the security of the login account and password, and shall not disclose, transfer or lend the account and password to others. If the user's custody negligence leads to account, password can not be used normally or by others illegal use, the resulting loss borne by the user, at the same time, the user should notify the company in a timely manner and take effective measures to avoid further expansion of losses. If the account password is lost, the user should provide the company with a copy of the signed ID card/payment voucher and other relevant materials, and after verification of the company's identity, the initial password can be reset for the user, and the user should change it in a timely manner. If the user is unable to provide the above supporting materials due to reasons of the user, the user bears the relevant responsibility.
2. The user provides the site necessary for software product installation and operation, software and hardware (including computers and operating systems), power supply, Internet access, and related resources to ensure the normal progress of software installation and operation.
3. The user shall respect the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the company's software products. Without the written consent of the company, the user shall not copy, modify, distribute, rent, lend, translate, disseminate, or disassemble or decompile the software products; If the content of this article is serious, the company may pursue legal responsibility.
4. The user guarantees that the software product service is limited to the use of the user (or the company) himself, and will not change the use of the product without authorization. If the relevant information of this product is quoted, the company’s consent should be obtained and the product information should be quoted in full, indicating the source of the information and "Do not reproduce without the permission of WikiStock".
5. During the validity period of this contract, the user promises not to directly or indirectly engage in business that competes with the company, and not to provide the company's products to third parties in any way for research, modification, copying, development of derivative products or use in other ways, Or other facts and behaviors that cause the third party to infringe or potentially infringe on the company's rights and interests due to user behavior. If the user violates this agreement, the company has the right to immediately stop providing services and investigate the user's corresponding liability for breach of contract, and the payment made by the user will not be returned.
VI. Company's Rights and Obligations
(1) Company's rights
1. The software products and services under this agreement are designed and developed by the company, and all related intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, and trade secrets, as well as all information content provided by the company to users through software products (including but not limited to The intellectual property rights of information, icons, charts, colors, interface design, layout framework, data, market prices, etc.) are owned by the company or authorized by the obligee.
2. The company has the right to require the user to pay the service fee in full and in a timely manner according to the agreement, and the company shall provide the software product service to the user in a timely manner after receiving the service fee.
3. The company can send various product information to users through software, email, SMS or other methods with the consent of users.
(二) Company's Obligations
1. The company provides software product services to users after receiving the service fees agreed in this contract paid by users.
2. The company is responsible for providing users with the specified standard WikiStock information services, including market information, macro data, industry data, and news information.
3. The company provides users with operation training and usage guidance of software products. When users encounter technical problems related to the company's products, the company should respond quickly and assist users to solve problems in a timely manner by means of telephone, remote direct operation and maintenance, etc.
4. During the validity of the agreement, the company will provide users with software product upgrades and maintenance services in a timely manner.
VII. Disclaimer
1. During the service period, the company will have the right to update, add or delete the service content of the software product at any time according to the needs of business activities, without further notice or consent of the user.
2. The company strives to provide users with a wealth of information services, but the relevant information is only for users' reference, and is not used as the basis for decision-making by users, users' customers, or any third-party investors who have access to such information. The company is not responsible for any risks, profits and losses, etc. caused by the investment made by the aforementioned persons based on the company's information.
3. Under any circumstances, any oral or written commitments made by the company, its agents and staff shall not be deemed as the company's commitment/suggestion to the user or any third party who has access to such information for specific operations and investment returns. own responsibility. The company does not assume any responsibility for any risk, profit or loss, etc. caused by the investment made by the user and the aforementioned third party based on the company's information and any oral or written commitments made by the company's agents and staff.
4. The company tries its best to provide complete, timely and accurate information, and fully guarantees the high-quality transmission of information. However, in view of the fact that information transmission and transaction procedures may suffer from system failures, abnormal information sources, satellite transmission line failures, communication line failures, network failures, and hacker attacks , virus intrusion, power interruption or failure, intentional sabotage by others, technological development restrictions, changes in laws and regulations, government bans, regulatory requirements, etc. Responsible for the consequences caused by information abnormalities or information transmission abnormalities, and not responsible for profits or losses caused by transaction abnormalities and other situations.
VIII. Confidentiality clause
1. Both parties agree that neither party shall disclose any terms and contents of this agreement to any third party, and shall adopt at least the same precautions and precautions as it uses for its own proprietary information, and shall not disclose any business secrets or proprietary information involved in this agreement or the performance of this agreement. Information is kept confidential. Without the written permission of the other party, such information or data shall not be reproduced, disclosed to others or used.
2. The confidentiality obligations of both parties will not be terminated due to the modification, invalidation, change, or termination of this agreement.
IX. Liability for breach of contract
1. Any party who fails to perform any of the terms of this agreement shall be deemed as a breach of contract, and the breaching party shall bear the adverse consequences caused by its own breach of contract.
2. Either party shall correct the breach of contract and notify the other party in writing within 20 days after receiving the other party’s request for correction in writing, and if it believes that the breach of contract does not exist, it shall submit a written objection or explanation to the other party within 20 days , in this case, the two parties can negotiate on this issue, if the negotiation fails, it will be settled according to the dispute resolution clause of this agreement.
X. Dispute Resolution
1. Any dispute arising from or related to this agreement shall be resolved through negotiation between the two parties based on the principles of friendly cooperation, equality and mutual benefit. If the negotiation fails, either party may choose the following dispute resolution methods:
(1) Submit the case to the Singapore International Arbitration Center for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules in force at the time of application for arbitration. The arbitration result is final and legally binding on both parties;
(2) File a lawsuit in the court with jurisdiction where the defendant is located.
2. During the process of dispute resolution, except for the clauses in ongoing litigation or arbitration, the validity of other clauses will not be affected, and if other clauses can continue to be performed, they will continue to be performed.
XI. Product risk warning
1. Users should be fully aware of the risks of investment. All data and information provided by the company are for reference only. Users should not regard it as the company's express or implied commitment to investment returns, and should not regard it as a specific investment Suggestions on company and product selection/buying and selling timing should not be regarded as analysis, forecast or suggestion on the trend of the market/investment product, feasibility of investment product, or any other form of investment consultation/suggestion, users operate accordingly , at your own risk.
2. The company provides users with information and data information through software products, and organizes, processes and integrates the above information and data through relevant data analysis systems and statistical calculation models to provide users with high value-added information and data services, (the and other information and data services are automatically generated based on the data model, there is no human manipulation or manipulation), so as to facilitate users to make rational decisions and control risks in the investment process. The company does not assume any breach of contract, compensation or other civil responsibilities for the risks or losses that may be caused by the user's investment decisions.
XII. Intellectual property rights
The company respects the intellectual property rights and legal rights of others. If you believe that your intellectual property rights or other legal rights have been violated, please provide information to the company in accordance with the following instructions:
Please note: If the statement of the rights notice is inaccurate, the submitter of the rights notice will bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom (including but not limited to compensation for various expenses and attorney fees). If the above-mentioned individual or organization is not sure whether the company's software products that are available on the Internet infringe its intellectual property rights and other legal rights, the company recommends that the individual or organization first consult a professional.
In order for the company to effectively handle the rights notice of the above-mentioned individuals or units, please use the following format (including the serial number of each clause):
1. The right holder has intellectual property rights or other legal rights and/or ownership certificates that can exercise intellectual property rights or other legal rights and interests in accordance with the law.
2. Please fully and clearly describe the infringement of intellectual property rights or other legal rights and interests, and specify the specific content of the alleged infringement.
3. Please provide the specific contact information of the obligee, including name, copy of ID card or passport (for natural persons), copy of unit registration certificate (for units), mailing address, telephone number, fax and email.
4. Please add the following statement about the authenticity of the content of the notice to the notice of rights: "I/our company guarantee that the information stated in this notice is sufficient, true and accurate. If the content of this notice of rights is not completely true, I/ The company will bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom."
Please sign this document, and if you are a legally established institution or organization, please affix your official seal.
XIII. Others
Any promises, commitments, statements, suggestions, opinions, guarantees, arrangements, drafts, agreements, understandings, memorandums, etc. of any nature formed orally or in writing by one party or both parties on the matters related to this agreement, which conflict with this agreement , are subject to this Agreement. The terms of this agreement shall not be changed without the written consent of both parties hereto.