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Lighthouse Capital (HK) Financial Limited

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China Hong Kong

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Lighthouse Financial
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Account Minimum Not mentioned
Fees 0.25% (standard rate)
Account Fee Waive
Interests on Uninvested Cash Not mentioned
Margin Interest Rates According to Market Rate
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App/Platform Lighthouse Financial; Lighthouse Financial Code
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What is Lighthouse Financial?

  Lighthouse Financial (formerly Wellington Financial Co., Ltd.) is a licensed securities firm established in Hong Kong in 2017. They operate under the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO) with a license for Type I activities (securities transactions) and Type 9 activities (providing asset management) (CE No. BHX373). They are also an exchange participant on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

  Lighthouse Financial allows investors to buy and sell various securities, potentially including stocks, bonds, and other investment products. This service might involve cash transactions and stock transfers.They offer consulting services related to asset management, helping clients develop and implement investment strategies.

Lighthouse Financial's homepage

Pros & Cons of Lighthouse Financial

Pros Cons
Formal regulation Limited educational resources
Variety of investments Limited geographic focus
Simple and user-friendly mobile app
Safety measures

  Formal regulation: Lighthouse Financial is regulated by Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong with license No: BHX373.

  Variety of investments: Lighthouse Financial offers cash securities trading, asset management consulting services, transfer and withdrawal of shares, dividends, equity and bonus, etc.

  Simple and user-friendly mobile app: Lighthouse Financial offers a user-friendly mobile app available for both iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

  Safety measures: Lighthouse Financial utilizes a two-app system. A separate “Lighthouse Verification Code” app generates unique codes for logins.


  Limited educational resources: Lighthouse Financial provides limited access to educational resources.

  Limited geographic focus: Their primary focus on the Hong Kong market may not be suitable for investors seeking broader global diversification.

Is Lighthouse Financial Safe?


Regulated by SFC

  Lighthouse Financial operates under the regulation of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong. This is a positive factor, as the SFC is a well-established financial regulatory body responsible for overseeing securities and futures markets in Hong Kong. Having a license from the SFC (License No. BHX373) indicates that Lighthouse Financial adheres to regulations set forth by this governing body.

  Safety Measures

  Lighthouse Financial prioritizes security by utilizing a two-app system. The primary “Lighthouse Financial” app handles everyday trading and account management. To add an extra layer of protection, a separate “Lighthouse Verification Code” app generates unique codes for logins. This two-step verification process helps prevent unauthorized access to financial information.

What are Securities to Trade with Lighthouse Financial?

  Lighthouse Financial offers a variety of investment opportunities through its securities trading platform. This combination of services allows customers to execute trades, manage holdings, and stay informed about the market.

  •   Cash Securities: Investors can buy and sell traditional investment products like stocks and potentially bonds for immediate cash settlement.

  •   Stock Management: They facilitate the transfer and withdrawal of investors' shares, allowing them to move holdings in and out of their account.

  •   Dividend and Corporate Action Services: Lighthouse Financial acts as investors' agent to handle proxy services like receiving dividends, stock rights, or bonus shares on their behalf.

  •   Stock Subscriptions: They offer services to assist investors in subscribing to new stock issuances.

  •   Market Information: Lighthouse Financial provides access to online quotes, giving investors real-time or delayed market data to make informed investment decisions.

  •   Online Trading Platform: They offer a convenient online trading platform for buying and selling securities electronically.

Lighthouse Financial Accounts

  Lighthouse Financial has the following trading accounts for customers to choose from:

  1) Cash account

  2) Online trading account

  3) Mobile trading APP

  Account opening procedures

  For individual or joint customers

  •   Copies of ID cards or passports of all account holders, authorized persons and ultimate beneficiaries of the account

  •   Proof of address in the past three months, such as telephone bills, electricity bills, gas bills, tax bills or bank statements Single Class

  •   Risk Disclosure Statement (GEM)

  •   Customer Information Sheet, such as occupation/business nature, investment experience, and ultimate beneficiary of the account

  •   For corporate customers:

    •   Copy of business registration certificate

    •   Copy of company registration certificate

    •   Copy of ID card or passport of authorized signatory

    •   Board meeting authorizing account opening

    •   Copy of company articles of association

    •   Company annual report, if any

    •   Risk Disclosure Statement (GEM)

    •   Customer information sheet, such as business nature, investment experience, and ultimate beneficiary of the account

    • Lighthouse Financial Fees Review

        (A) Securities Trading

        Commission Fee: 0.25% (standard rate per each transaction, minimum HK$80.00) negotiable if transactions volume is sufficient

        Levy (charged by SFC): 0.0027% on trading amount

        Trading Fee (charged by SEHK): 0.00565% on trading amount

        Stamp duty: 0.1% on trading amount

        CCASS Settlement Fee: 0.004% (per trade match, minimum HK$4.00) Each Client transaction is matched with one or more counterparties. Hence CCASS fee is calculated per trade match

        AFRC Transaction Levy: 0.00015% on trading amount (rounded to the nearest cent)

        (B) Physical shares and/or Settlement

        Physical Share Deposit: Stamp duty HK$5.00 payable to SEHK per each transfer deed

        Withdrawal of Physical Share: HK$5.00 per lot and HK$50.00 handling fee for each share category

        Settlement Instruction (SD)/Investor Settlement Instruction(ISI) (Apply for share transfer out): 0.01% on market value of each kind of share (minimum HK$50.00)

        Mandatory Cash Offer: Handling fee HK$100.00 and all other charges from Clearing house & related party(ies)

        (C) Account Fee

        Custody Fee (Monthly Fee): Waive

        Margin Share Custody Service: Negotiable

        (D) Nominee &Corporate Action Fee

        Scrip Fee: HK$1.50 per lot

        Dividend Payment: 0.5% on dividend payment (Min.HK$25.00)&CCASS charge (Dividend paymentx0.12%)

        Bonus share: Waive

        Received subscribed shares: Waive

        Share split/combine/voting: Waive

        Rights subscription: HK$100.00 for each subscription & CCASS charges (HK$0.8 per lot)

        Additional rights subscription: HK$100.00 for each subscription & CCASS charges (HK$0.8 per lot)

        Warrant exercise/privatization/share offer: 0.25% (min.HK$100.00)&CCASS charges (HK$0.8 per lot)

        Transfer of share ownership in Share registration: HK$5.00 per lot &handling fee HK$500.00 on each kind of share

        Claim for non-receipt rights: Minimum HK$600.00 &CCASS charges

        Handling Fee for B/S Note: Handling charges HK$1,000.00 for each B/S Note

        (E) Others

        EIPO subscription (via CCASS): HK$50.00

        IPO subscription (margin finance): HK$120.00

        Interest on margin finance: according to Market Rate

        Cash client late settlement interest(p.a.): Prime rate + 6.5% (Prime rate according to HSBC quoting, update accordingly)

        Re-print/ each physical Daily /Monthly statement: Nearest 3 months -HK$10.00; 3 months before-HK$100.00

        Withdrawal Fee:

        Cheque- waive

        Hong Kong Faster Payment System (FPS)- waive or according to bank charge;

        Telegraphic transfer(T'T) and local transfer (CHATS)- according to bank charge;

        Exchange rate according to bank rate when execution (limited to currency accepted by bank in Hong Kong)

        Real Time Quote Fee: HK$350.00 per month

        Letter of confirmation on asset: HK$200.00 per letter

        Return Cheque /Stop Cheque Payment: HK$100.00 per cheque

      Fee details 1
      Fee details 2
      •   Margin Interest Rate

        The interest rate charged on margin financing at Lighthouse Financial is not explicitly stated. They indicate it is set “according to Market Rate.” This means the margin interest rate will fluctuate based on prevailing market conditions.

      Lighthouse Financial App Review

      Lighthouse Financial App

        Lighthouse Financial provides a mobile app for both Apple and Android users to access their investment services.

        Download: Search for “Lighthouse Financial” on the respective app stores (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).

        Two Apps: Customers need to download two separate apps: “Lighthouse Financial” for the core trading and account management functionalities, and “Lighthouse Verification Code” for added security measures during the login process.

      Customer Service

      Contact info

        Lighthouse Financial offers several ways for customers to connect with their service team:

        Phone: (852) 3622-3200

        Fax: (852) 3583-3700

        Email: info@lighthousecap.com.hk


        Lighthouse Financial's services encompass core trading functionalities, account management tools, and an emphasis on security. The platform utilizes a two-app system: a primary app for daily use and a separate app generating login verification codes. This approach aims to provide a user-friendly experience while prioritizing account security.


        Is Lighthouse Financial a good platform for beginners?

        Due to the unknown complexity of the platform and lack of clear educational resources, Lighthouse Financial's suitability for beginners is uncertain.

        Is Lighthouse Financial legit?

        Lighthouse Financial is regulated by the SFC of Hong Kong, a well-established body. This offers a level of assurance regarding adherence to financial regulations.

        Is Lighthouse Financial good for investing/retirement?

        Based on the provided information about its high commissions and fees, Lighthouse Financial likely isn't ideal for most investors.

      Risk Warning

        The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.


Registered region

China Hong Kong

Years in Business

2-5 years


Securities Lending Fully Paid、Investment Advisory Service、Stocks、ETFs、Mutual Funds

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