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TF Securities
TF Securities
WikiStocks Rating ⭐⭐⭐
Fees Commissions:No Over 0.3%(Minimum Charge:5 yuan)
Interests on uninvested cash 7.67%
Mutual Funds Offered Yes
Platform/APP Tianfeng Straight Flush Financial Terminal,Tianfeng Gaocaisheng new generation professional trading system.etc
Promotion N/A

What is TF Securities?

  TF Securities offers competitive fees with no commission on transactions over 0.3% and a minimum charge of 5 yuan. It provides user-friendly trading platforms, including the Tianfeng Straight Flush Financial Terminal and Tianfeng Gaocaisheng new generation professional trading system.

  However, it currently does not have any promotional offers.

What is TF Securities?

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Investor Education Center Available(Various Educational Resources) Limited Tradable Securities(Only 3 types)
Regulated by CSRC No Diverse Accounts
Many Trading Platform For Different Trading Lack of clear information disclosure
24/7 Online Customer Support Low Fees(Commissions low as 0.3%)

  TF Securities has various educational resources through its Investor Education Center. The company is regulated by the CSRC and provides multiple trading platforms for different trading needs. Additionally, it offers 24/7 online customer support.

  TF Securities offers high fees, with commissions higher than competitors for 0.03%. TF Securities has limited tradable securities, offering only three types. It lacks diverse account options and clear information disclosure.

Is TF Securities Safe?


  TF Securities is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), a ministerial-level public institution directly under the State Council. The CSRC performs unified regulatory functions according to relevant laws and regulations, ensuring an orderly and legal operation of the securities and futures market in China.


  Funds Safety:

  While the specific coverage amount of insurance for client account funds is not detailed, TF Securities adheres to regulations that typically require brokers to implement measures to protect client funds. Clients should confirm with the broker regarding the specific insurance coverage and protections offered.

  Safety Measures:

  TF Securities employs encryption technologies to ensure the security of funds storage and protect user information. The broker implements various account safety measures to prevent the leakage of user information and unauthorized access, ensuring clients' data and funds are secure.

What are securities to trade with TF Securities?

  Earnings Certificates:

  TF Securities offers earnings certificates, which are financial instruments that provide investors with a fixed interest rate over a specified period. These certificates are designed to offer a secure investment option with predictable returns.

  Fund Products:

  TF Securities provides access to a variety of fund products, including mutual funds and ETFs. These funds allow investors to diversify their portfolios across different asset classes and sectors, managed by professional fund managers.

  Asset Management:

  TF Securities offers asset management services, where experienced portfolio managers create and manage customized investment portfolios. These services are tailored to meet the specific financial goals and risk tolerance of individual and institutional clients.

securities to trade with TF Securities

TF Securities Fee Review

  TF Securities offers a diverse range of fee structures for different markets and trading categories. In the general brokerage category for the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets, fees cover A Shares, Preferred Shares, Depository Receipts, B Shares, and Block Trades, including commissions, stamp duty, and transfer fees.

  For funds and bonds trading, which includes Closed-End Funds, ETFs, LOFs, Convertible Bonds, and Money Market ETFs, the fee structures consist of commissions and transfer fees, with some categories having no commissions.

  Special trading categories, such as Convertible Bonds Conversion, Bond Pledge Repurchase, and Hong Kong Stock Connect, involve various commissions, stamp duty, and multiple transaction fees including levies and trading fees.

  For the NEEQ and Beijing Stock Exchange stocks, fees apply to stocks and convertible bonds in these markets, covering commissions, transaction transfer fees, and stamp duty. Additionally, delisted stocks and convertible bonds incur commissions and applicable settlement fees.

Market/Category Fee Type Shanghai Market Shenzhen Market
A Shares, Preferred Shares, Depository Receipts, Block Trades Commission ≤ 0.3%, minimum 5 yuan (both ways) ≤ 0.3%, minimum 5 yuan (both ways)
Stamp Duty 0.5% (one way) 0.5% (one way)
Transfer Fee A Shares, Preferred Shares: 0.01% (both ways) <br> Depository Receipts: 0.02% (both ways) A Shares, Preferred Shares: 0.01% (both ways) <br> Depository Receipts: 0.02% (both ways)
B Shares, Block Trades Commission ≤ 0.3%, minimum 1 USD (both ways) ≤ 0.3%, minimum 5 HKD (both ways)
Stamp Duty 0.5% (one way) 0.5% (one way)
Settlement Fee 0.02%, max 50 USD per transaction (both ways) 0.02%, max 500 HKD per transaction (both ways)
Funds (Closed-End Funds, ETFs, LOFs), Block Trades Commission ≤ 0.3%, minimum 5 yuan (both ways) ≤ 0.3%, minimum 5 yuan (both ways)
Money Market ETFs, Block Trades Commission 0 0
Convertible Bonds, Block Trades, Pledged Repo Commission ≤ 0.02%, minimum 1 yuan (both ways) ≤ 0.1%, minimum 1 yuan (both ways)
Other Bonds (Treasury, Corporate, Enterprise, Private), Bond ETFs, Pledged Repo Commission 0.02%, minimum 1 yuan (both ways) 0.02%, no minimum (both ways)
Convertible Bonds Conversion Commission ≤ 0.3%, minimum 5 yuan ≤ 0.3%, minimum 5 yuan
Stamp Duty 0.5% (one way) 0.5% (one way)
Transfer Fee 0.01% (both ways) 0.01% (both ways)
Bond Pledge Repo Commission (1-182 days) 0.01%-0.3% 0.01%-0.3%
Hong Kong Stock Connect Commission ≤ 0.3% (both ways) ≤ 0.3% (both ways)
Stamp Duty 1% (both ways), rounded to nearest yuan 1% (both ways), rounded to nearest yuan
Trading Levy 0.027% (both ways) 0.027% (both ways)
Financial Reporting Levy 0.0015% (both ways) 0.0015% (both ways)
Trading Fee 0.0565% (both ways) 0.0565% (both ways)
Stock Transfer Fee 0.02%, minimum 2 yuan, max 100 yuan (both ways) 0.02%, minimum 2 yuan, max 100 yuan (both ways)
Combination Fee 0.03%-0.08% depending on amount 0.03%-0.08% depending on amount
TF Securities Fee Review
TF Securities Fee Review
TF Securities Fee Review

TF Securities APP Review

  TF Securities offers many trading platforms for its users.

  Tianfeng Straight Flush Financial Terminal

  •   A trading software integrating market, trading, information, and stock selection.

  •   Features include skin swapping for market trading, rapid market data, AI-assisted stock selection, and support for various trading functions such as margin trading and Hong Kong Stock Connect.

  •   Last updated: 2024-05-16

  Tianfeng Gaocaisheng New Generation Professional Trading System

  •   Offers a minimalist interface with extremely fast market data covering Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Hong Kong stocks.

  •   Provides fast trading options, market data analysis, and a Robo-advisor for stock selection and asset analysis.

  •   Last updated: 2024-05-31

TF Securities APP Review

  Tianfeng Securities Tongdaxin Online Trading Client

  •   A robust trading client that supports real-time quotes and various securities analysis systems.

  •   Suitable for all types of securities investors, featuring a user-friendly interface.

  •   Last updated: 2024-04-26

  Celestial Breeze Ruler - Stock Options Trading System

  •   Designed for high-speed options market trading with professional futures system integration.

  •   Offers full-market information, multi-market trading channels, and specialized calculation tools for options.

  •   Last updated: 2023-11-13

TF Securities APP Review

  Celestial Breeze Ruler - Stock Options Simulated Trading System (Emulation)

  •   Supports stock option simulation trading, providing a professional perspective on futures and options.

  •   Includes tools for detailed calculation and analysis of option characteristic values.

  •   Last updated: 2023-07-24

  MD5 Verification Tool

  •   Ensures that downloaded client software or documentation is complete and secure by verifying the consistency of downloaded files with the original.

  •   Last updated: 2014-05-10

MD5 Verification Tool

Research & Education

  TF Securities provides online education classes.

  Financial Education:

  Tianfeng Securities offers a financial education program designed to improve investor knowledge and decision-making. This includes a “Financial Classroom” for basic investment principles, an “Advanced Knowledge” section to help novices become experienced investors, and “Expert Classes” featuring insights from leading financial experts.

  Research Reports:

  Tianfeng Securities provides detailed research reports and industry insights. They cover various sectors, including the latest trends in the Sci-Tech Innovation Board and macroeconomic analysis, to keep investors well-informed and aid in strategic investment decisions.

  Investor Education Videos:

  The platform includes a library of educational videos on topics like the “Pendulum Theory,” “Quantitative Funds,” and the “Sortino Ratio.” These videos are designed to help investors understand complex financial concepts quickly and effectively.

Research & Education

  Investor Education Activities:

  Tianfeng Securities organizes regular educational activities, including lectures and workshops. Topics range from practical trading techniques for options to the application of options in asset management. They also hold special events on financial consumer protection and investment risk awareness.

  Interactive Learning Tools:

  The platform features interactive tools such as risk assessment tests to help investors identify suitable investment products. It also offers simulation tools for stock options and margin trading, and educational games to make learning about investment strategies engaging and fun.

Interactive Learning Tools

Customer Service

  Tianfeng Securities provides robust customer support through multiple channels. Clients can reach out via the customer service hotline at 95391 or through social media platforms such as WeChat (Tianfeng Headlines) and Weibo (Tianfeng Securities).

  The company is headquartered at Tianfeng Tower 2, No. 217 Zhongbei Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province. For written correspondence, clients can use the fax number (027) 87718167 or visit their official website at www.tfzq.com.

  Additionally, Tianfeng Securities offers a detailed branch locator on their website for further assistance.

Customer Service


  TF Securities, regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), offers a suite of financial services including trading, investment, and financial advisory.

  With multiple user-friendly trading platforms, low fees, and extensive customer support, TF Securities intended to provide an easy and secure trading experience for its clients. However, it does have limitations in the variety of tradable securities offered and the clarity of information disclosure.


  1. What types of accounts does TF Securities offer?

  TF Securities offers accounts for stocks, stock options, fund investment, and margin trading.

  2. How can I contact TF Securities for support?

  You can contact TF Securities via their customer service hotline at 95391 or through their WeChat and Weibo accounts.

  3. What regulatory body oversees TF Securities?

  TF Securities is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

Risk Warning

  The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.


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Securities Lending Fully Paid、Margin Loans、Annuities、Bonds & Fixed Income、Futures、Investment Advisory Service、Options、Stocks、ETFs、Mutual Funds

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