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Telecom King Securities Limited

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China Hong Kong

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Telecom King Securities Limited
Telecom King Securities
WikiStock Rating ⭐⭐⭐
Account Minimum HKD 0
Fees Varies depending on the account type
Account Fees Free to open (Monthly account maintenance fee $30/month)
Interests on uninvested cash Ranging from 0.3% to 0.5% depending on account type and balance amount
Margin Interest Rates Up to 2% per month
Mutual Funds Offered No
App/Platform Available on iOS, Andriod, and Web
Promotions Yes

What is Telecom King Securities?

  Telecom King Securities Limited (TKSL) is one of the largest online brokers in Asia, facilitating securities investments for both institutional and individual investors. As a premier firm in the industry, Telecom King Securities offers a wide range of financial products and services including Futures, and Stocks, which reduce investment risks. Also, it provides powerful tools and features across its web and iOS enabling customers to trade seamlessly. However, Telecom King Securities operates in a highly regulated environment and must always ensure compliance to avoid potential regulatory risks inherent in the financial industry.

What is Telecom King Securities?

Pros and Cons of Telecom King Securities

  Telecom King Securities Limited is highly regarded for its wide range of tradable securities including stocks, and futures from both domestic and international exchanges. This comprehensive investment selection is complemented by powerful trading platforms and mobile apps integrated with advanced tools and functionality. TKSL offers very competitive commission rates and no account minimums, making it ideal for both casual and active traders. However, its interest paid on cash balances may be lower than some rival brokers, and the research tools and raw market analysis on the platform are more basic compared to major global brokers.

Pros Cons
  • Robust security and SFC fund protection of up to HK$500,000
  • Interest in cash balances may be lower
  • Margin trading and diverse account types
  • More basic and simple research than some competitors
  • Intuitive mobile app with advanced tools
  • Less extensive educational materials
  • Convenient multi-channel customer support
  • Additional fees for some trade types

Is Telecom King Securitiessafe?

  Yes, Telecom King Securities Limited prioritizes client security through prudent regulations, funds protection, and safety measures. It maintains license number API286 from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong. The maximum compensation for each client is HK$500,000. (Securities and futures accounts are calculated separately). It adheres to strict security protocols, and its rigorous compliance and integrated precautions reassure traders.

Is Telecom King Securities safe?

What are securities to trade with Telecom King Securities?

  Through its web, Android, and iOS platforms, Telecom King Securities Limited supports the trading of a wide selection of stocks, futures, and options listed on the Hong Kong and US exchanges.

  Specifically, the broker provides access to:

  Stocks: The website provides real-time stock quotes for Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, and other important stock markets, and customers can buy and sell stocks on this platform.

  Futures: The website has a dedicated futures and options trading page, where you can trade different types of futures products, including stock options, stock futures, precious metal futures, and other futures and options products.

  Fund Investment: The website lists many fund products provided by fund companies, including stock funds, bond funds, etc., to facilitate customer research and purchase.

  Foreign Exchange Trading: Supports multiple currency pair transactions, such as USD/HKD, RMB/USD, etc.

  Financial Planning: Provides regular investment and financial planning for medium and long-term investors.

  Analysis Reports and Tools: The website provides various research reports and analysis charts to help customers research and choose investment targets.

  In total, Telecom King Securities Limited provides a comprehensive and interconnected securities trading and investment service platform.

Telecom King SecuritiesAccounts

  Telecom King Securities Limited offers the following account types:

  Individual accounts - These are for single personal investors to conduct trading of stocks, options, and funds.

  Joint accounts - Made for two or more co-owners to jointly hold investments.

  Corporate accounts - Intended for corporate customers to manage securities investments under their company name.

  You can open the following types of accounts at Telecom King Securities Limited:

  Cash Securities Account (HK/US Stocks); Margin Securities Account (HK Stocks); Futures Account (HK); Futures Account (Global)

  Telecom King Securities Limited is free to open an account and it will not charge any account opening fees to customers.

Telecom King Securities Accounts
Telecom King Securities Accounts

Telecom King Securities Fees Review

  Stock trading commission fees:

  Telephone trading: 0.15% of the transaction amount per transaction, minimum $50

  Online/mobile trading: 0.05% of the transaction amount per transaction, minimum $25

  Stamp duty 0.1% of the transaction amount, less than $1 is charged as $1; Transaction levy 0.0027% of the transaction amount, rounded to the nearest cent; Transaction fee 0.00565% of the transaction amount, rounded to the nearest cent; CSRC transaction levy 0.00015% of the transaction amount, rounded to the nearest cent; Delivery fee 0.005% of the transaction amount per order, minimum $5, maximum $100Stock transfer fee per lot Tickets are $1.5, and less than 1 lot is counted as 1 lot. The dividend agency fee is 0.5% of the dividend amount, with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $10,000. The information fee is $88-298 per month depending on the product type.

  The monthly account maintenance fee is $30/month if you need to mail a statement; Futures commission varies from $10 to $40 for different contracts. Option commission starts at 1% of the option amount, with a minimum of $20-100.

  The new stock subscription fee is $50 by phone and $25/transaction online. The futures basic margin is $77,871 for the Hang Seng Index, etc. Option basic margin is calculated based on the risk scale SPAN. Overdue account interest cash balance interest spread is HSBC's prime rate plus 5%.

  Cash balance interest rate:

  HKD balance below 10,000 yuan, 0% annual interest rate; 10,000 yuan and above, 0.101% annual interest rate. RMB balance below 10,000 yuan, 0% annual interest rate; 10,000 yuan and above, 0.100% annual interest rate.

Telecom King Securities Fees Review
Telecom King Securities Fees Review

Telecom King Securities App Review

  Telecom King Securities Limited provides a cutting-edge trading experience designed for efficient on-the-go participation in financial markets. It delivers an intuitive and comprehensive platform available across iOS and Android devices, and Web platforms, facilitating seamless access to trading anytime, anywhere. With cross-device consistency, Telecom King Securities Limited empowers clients with seamless access to their accounts and the markets wherever opportunities will lead them. The all-inclusive platform caters to versatile user needs and trading styles. Customers can search for “金股至尊” or “Telecom PRO” in the App Store or Google Play Store and download the “Gold Stock Supreme” smartphone app for free. Customers can search for “電訊期指” or “Futures pro” in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Telecom King Securities App Review
Telecom King Securities App Review

Research and Education

  Educational Resources:

  •   Comprehensive online learning center with articles, videos, and seminars

  •   Fundamental and technical analysis guides for beginners

  •   Options trading, futures basics, and other topics eBooks

  •   Webinars with industry experts covering strategies and markets

  Analytical Tools and Content:

  •   Stock research reports from in-house analysts

  •   Economic calendars, company financials, and SEC filings

  •   Real-time market news and commentary

  •   Advanced charting with 20+ technical indicators

  Third-Party Research:

  •   Access to select third-party brokerage research reports for a fee

  •   No integrated use of external data providers for fundamental analysis

  •   Limited partnering with independent financial publications

  Telecom King Securities Limited aims to empower traders with knowledge with regularly updated educational programs and analytical resources. While third-party research access is restricted, core needs are sufficiently covered.

Customer Service

  Customer Service Support Methods:

  •   Live chat and telephone hotline during trading hours

  •   Online help center with FAQs and tutorials

  •   Secure customer portal for queries and support requests

  •   Email, telephone, and branches for additional assistance

  •   Email address: info@81181133.com

  Customer Service Support Periods:

  •   Live chat and telephone support from 08:45-17:45 on weekdays

  •   Online help center and portal available 24/7 all year

  •   Targeted response time under 24 hours for emails and portal requests

  TKSL provides diversified customer support adapted to different user needs and schedules. While live assistance is limited to weekday trading hours, digital resources ensure self-service support is accessible anytime. Committed response times also allow swift resolution of off-hours inquiries. The tailored multi-channel approach aims to deliver comprehensive client-focused service.

Customer Service


  In summary, Telecom King Securities Limited is a reliable and affordable online broker well-suited for active traders and investors looking to trade global securities with low commissions. At the same time, experienced professionals are supported by an extensive selection of tradeable securities, customized account types, and fully-featured trading platforms.


  Is Telecom King Securities Limited safe to trade?

  Telecom King Securities Limited is licensed and regulated to strict standards, with client assets protected by insurance and stringent security protocols.

  Is Telecom King Securities Limited a good platform for beginners?

  The broker provides extensive educational materials and a user-friendly interface to help novice traders learn.

  Is Telecom King Securities Limited legit?

  Telecom King Securities Limited has legitimate operating licenses from reputable regulatory bodies and adheres to all compliance and oversight requirements.

Risk Warning

  The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to a total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.



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China Hong Kong

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10-15 years



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