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Guosen Securities
Guosen Securities
WikiStock Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fees Guosen Securities charges a commission (up to 0.3% for A-shares), stamp duty, transfer fees (0.1% for Shanghai A-shares), and various fees for Hong Kong stock trading, including commission (minimum 0.25%), exchange fees, government fees, and transfer fees.
Account Fees Varies by account type
Margin Interest Rates 8.35%
Mutual Funds Offered NO
App/Platform Gold Sun App, Gold Sun Online Trading Professional Version, GTrade Strategy Trading Platform, Gold Sun Online Trading Intelligent Version


  Guosen Securities is a leading securities firm in China, known for its comprehensive range of financial services and user-friendly trading platforms. It offers robust investor education and research services, along with advanced security measures to protect client funds.



Pros Cons
Comprehensive range of financial services Customer service response times can be inconsistent
User-friendly trading platforms Limited availability of educational resources in English
Advanced security measures including encryption technologies Account setup process can be lengthy
Regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) Higher fees for certain specialized financial products

  Guosen Securities is a well-regulated securities firm in China, offering a comprehensive range of financial services, user-friendly trading platforms, and advanced security measures. It ensures high operational standards and client fund safety through regulation by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). However, the firm faces challenges such as inconsistent customer service response times, limited educational resources in English, a lengthy account setup process, and higher fees for certain specialized financial products.



  Guosen Securities is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). As a major securities firm in China, it adheres to strict regulatory standards and compliance requirements set by the CSRC, ensuring that its operations are in line with national financial regulations and laws. This regulatory oversight helps to maintain the integrity and stability of the financial markets.


  Funds Safety

  Guosen Securities ensures the safety of client funds through a range of protective measures. The company typically offers insurance for clients' account funds, although specific coverage amounts may vary. It is advisable for clients to directly inquire about the exact insurance coverage and protection limits provided for their accounts.

  Safety Measures

  Guosen Securities employs advanced encryption technologies to secure the storage of client funds. This includes robust cybersecurity protocols to protect sensitive financial data and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, the company implements various account security measures to safeguard user information and prevent data breaches. These measures include multi-factor authentication, regular security audits, and continuous monitoring of account activities to detect and respond to any suspicious actions promptly.

  By adhering to regulatory standards, ensuring the safety of client funds, and employing stringent security measures, Guosen Securities strives to provide a secure and reliable environment for its clients' financial activities.

What are securities to trade with GUOSEN SECURITIES?

  Guosen Securities is a comprehensive securities firm based in China, offering a wide range of financial services:

  •   Stocks: Trading in various stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), and other international markets.

  •   Bonds: Includes government bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds, and other fixed-income securities.

  •   Funds: Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other fund products.

  •   Derivatives: Includes options, futures, and other derivative products.

  •   Margin Trading: Offering margin trading services for various securities.

  •   New Third Board: Trading in shares listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), also known as the New Third Board.

  •   Wealth Management Products: A variety of wealth management and structured financial products.

  •   IPO Stocks: Participation in initial public offerings (IPOs) and new stock issuances.

  •   Guosen Securities provides these products through a range of trading platforms and offers comprehensive research and advisory services to support investors in their trading activities.

    What are securities to trade with GUOSEN SECURITIES?


      Guosen Securities charges various fees for securities trading, which can be categorized into stamp duty, commission, transfer fee, and other miscellaneous fees.

      Stamp Duty: This is a tax levied on securities transactions as per the national tax laws. For both A-shares and B-shares, the stamp duty is collected from both the buyer and the seller. The securities firm collects this duty during the transaction settlement with the investor and then settles it with the securities exchange or the clearing and settlement organization. The final payment is made to the tax authorities by the clearing and settlement organization.

      Commission: This fee is paid to the brokerage firm for executing buy and sell orders on behalf of investors. It includes the brokerage commission, exchange transaction fee, and regulatory fee. For A-shares, the commission is capped at 0.3% of the transaction amount, with a minimum charge of 5 RMB. For bonds, the commission is 1% of the transaction amount, and for funds, it is 3% of the transaction amount, also with a minimum charge of 5 RMB.

      Transfer Fee: This fee applies to the registration of stock or fund ownership transfer post-transaction. It is collected by the securities firm during the settlement process. The Shanghai Stock Exchange charges a transfer fee of 0.1% of the transaction value for A-shares and funds, with a minimum charge of 1 RMB. This fee is divided equally between the securities firm and the registration company. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange does not charge a transfer fee for A-shares, funds, or bonds.


      Hong Kong Stock Trading Fees: Investors trading Hong Kong stocks incur various fees, including commission, exchange fees, government fees, and transfer fees. The commission is negotiated between the investor and the brokerage firm, but it should not be less than 0.25% of the transaction value, with a minimum charge ranging from 50 to 150 HKD per transaction. The exchange fee is 0.005% of the transaction amount, with 0.003% allocated to the Securities and Futures Commission. Additionally, each transaction incurs a system usage fee of 0.50 HKD per side. Government fees include a 0.1% stamp duty on the transaction amount. Transfer fees involve a 5 HKD stamp duty per new transfer deed and a 2.5 HKD fee per stock certificate for new stock issuance, payable by the buyer.


      These fees ensure proper execution and settlement of transactions, covering regulatory, operational, and administrative costs associated with securities trading.


      Gold Sun App

      The Gold Sun App is a comprehensive financial investment and wealth management platform. It offers a one-stop solution for investors, providing rapid market updates and various intelligent tools. Users can open accounts, subscribe to services, and engage in treasury bond reverse repurchase transactions. The app features a wide range of products and is designed for user-friendly operation.

      Gold Sun Online Trading Professional Version 8.44

      The Gold Sun Online Trading Professional Version 8.44 is an advanced online trading platform with improved navigation. It categorizes securities more clearly, making it easier for users to find what they need. The platform offers distinctive quotes for different types of securities and a unified interface that reveals related market trends. Additionally, it includes sections for themes, discoveries, and insights to help users track market developments.

      Guosen Securities GTrade Strategy Trading Platform

      The Guosen Securities GTrade Strategy Trading Platform focuses on algorithmic trading. It provides a mainstream Python strategy development environment, supporting visual development and allowing for multi-process and multi-thread strategies. The platform offers over forty intelligent algorithms, with performance evaluations covering all types of algorithms and objective, comprehensive assessment indicators. It combines intelligent algorithms to provide more stable trading services for increasing or decreasing holdings.

      Gold Sun Online Trading Intelligent Version 5.3.1

      The Gold Sun Online Trading Intelligent Version 5.3.1 covers a wide range of markets, including stocks, funds, bonds, and futures. It offers a secure, stable, and fast trading channel, including margin trading. The platform supports advanced trading options such as conditional orders, algorithmic orders, and graphical orders. It also provides insights into investment opportunities through hot topics and institutional research.


    Research and Eduation

      Guosen Securities provides a comprehensive investor education platform called “Guoxin Academy” . This platform offers a variety of educational resources and activities to enhance investors' knowledge and skills. Regular investor education campaigns, such as “Invest Wisely, Step by Step,” provide timely market information and educational content. The company also conducts community outreach programs like the “Shareholders Are Coming” campaign, where branches engage with communities through practical investment knowledge and engaging activities like floral art classes.

    Research and Eduation

      The firm has established multiple physical investor education bases in regions like Shenzhen, Beijing, Fujian, and Zhejiang. These bases integrate technology, internet, and cloud-based resources to offer a modern educational experience, featuring robot services, interactive games, human-machine interaction platforms, and cloud video classrooms. Additionally, internet experience centers in cities such as Shenzhen, Beijing, and Hangzhou provide online educational resources and interactive experiences to help investors learn about different financial products and market strategies.

      Guosen Securities' research division employs an industry-leading chief analyst system, offering innovative sell-side research services. The research team, consisting of over 200 professionals, focuses on strategic emerging industries, large consumer sectors, macroeconomic trends, financial engineering, and fixed income markets. The company also excels in sector-specific research, covering areas like social services, automotive, banking, telecommunications, electronics, real estate, and pharmaceuticals. They provide insights into global market dynamics through international market research, particularly for Chinese enterprises listed overseas.

      The research division also offers specialized consulting services for government industrial planning, transforming research into practical, project-based solutions. With a strong track record, including recognition of over 100 analysts in the “New Fortune Best Analyst” rankings, Guosen Securities continuously explores new research models to deliver high-value, actionable insights to its clients.

    Customer Service

      Guosen Securities provides a comprehensive customer support system to address the needs and concerns of its clients. The company is headquartered at Guosen Financial Building, 125 Fuhua First Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.

      For general inquiries, the main switchboard can be reached at 0755-82130833. Brokerage business customer service and complaint handling are accessible via phone at 95536 or 0755-25822002. Additionally, fax support for brokerage business customer service and complaints is available at 0755-22940910, and email support can be reached at 19007@guosen.com.cn.

      The company also offers online customer support, including intelligent customer service to assist with various queries and issues. For investor relations, Guosen Securities has a dedicated hotline at 0755-82130188, fax at 0755-82133453, and an email address at ir@guosen.com.cn.

      This multi-channel approach ensures that clients can receive support through their preferred method of communication, whether it be phone, fax, email, or online chat.

    Customer Service


      Guosen Securities is a prominent securities firm in China, offering a wide range of financial services with competitive fees and advanced trading platforms. It is well-regulated by the CSRC, ensuring high standards of operation and client fund safety. The firm is also committed to investor education and research, providing robust resources to support informed investment decisions. However, potential variations in fund insurance details and customer service quality are areas to be mindful of.


      Is Guosen Securities safe to trade? Yes, Guosen Securities is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and employs advanced encryption technologies and various security measures to ensure the safety of client funds and personal information.

      Is Guosen Securities a good platform for beginners? Yes, Guosen Securities offers user-friendly trading platforms and robust investor education resources, making it a suitable choice for beginners looking to learn and invest confidently.

      Is Guosen Securities legit? Yes, Guosen Securities is a legitimate and well-established securities firm in China, complying with all regulatory standards set by the CSRC and providing comprehensive financial services.

    Risk Warning

      The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.



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Securities Lending Fully Paid、Margin Loans、Annuities、Bonds & Fixed Income、Futures、Investment Advisory Service、Options、Stocks、ETFs、Mutual Funds

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