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Jianghai Securities Co.,Ltd

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Jianghai Securities
Jianghai Securities
WikiStock Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Account Minimum ¥500,000
Fees Variable, ¥40 for A-Share Account
Account Fees Based on the Subject, not more than 0.3% of the transaction amount, starting from 5 yuan
Interests on uninvested cash N/A
Margin Interest Rates 8.6% for Financing Rate and 10.6% for Short Selling Fee Rate
Mutual Funds Offered Yes
App/Platform Jianghai Securities Flush, Jianghai Securities All-in-one Edition, Jianghai Jinlong Comprehensive Edition, Jianghai Securities Account Opening and others
Promotions Fee Reductions

What is Jianghai Securities?

  Jianghai Securities Co., Ltd. is a well-established financial services firm based in Harbin, China. Founded in 2003, the company offers a wide range of services including securities brokerage, investment consulting, asset management, and underwriting. It is a subsidiary of Harbin Hatou Investment Co., Ltd., and operates under the regulation of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). The firm is known for its comprehensive financial solutions and strong regional presence, especially in the northeastern part of China.

What is Jianghai Securities?

Pros and Cons of Jianghai Securities

Pros Cons
Comprehensive Service Offering High Account Minimums
Regional Expertise No Interest in Uninvested Cash
Diverse Investment Options High Margin Interest Rates
Promotional Offers
Professional Management


  •   Comprehensive Service Offering:

    •   Jianghai Securities provides a wide range of services, including securities brokerage, investment consulting, asset management, and underwriting, making it a one-stop-shop for various financial needs.

      •   Regional Expertise:

        •   The firm has a strong presence in northeastern China, especially in Harbin, offering local expertise and insights that can be advantageous for investors interested in this region.

          •   Diverse Investment Options:

            •   Jianghai Securities offers various investment products, including mutual funds, bonds, and equity trading, which satisfies different risk profiles and investment strategies.

              •   Promotional Offers:

                •   They frequently run promotions such as fee reductions, lower commission rates for new accounts, and incentives like cash bonuses, which can make it attractive for new and existing clients.

                  •   Professional Management:

                    •   Investments are managed by experienced professionals, which can help in achieving better returns and informed decision-making.

                    • Cons

                      •   High Account Minimums:

                        •   Jianghai Securities requires a substantial minimum deposit of 500,000 yuan (approximately $70,000 USD) to open a standard brokerage account, which may be prohibitive for smaller or new investors.

                          •   No Interest in Uninvested Cash:

                            •   The firm does not offer interest on idle cash balances, which means uninvested cash does not grow, potentially leading to lost opportunity costs.

                              •   High Margin Interest Rates:

                                •   Their margin interest rates are relatively high, ranging from 8.6% to 10.6% annually, which can be a significant cost for investors using margin trading.

                                • Is Jianghai Securities safe?


                                    Jianghai Securities operates under stringent regulations established by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), ensuring compliance with national financial laws and industry standards.

                                  Is Jianghai Securities safe?

                                    Funds Safety

                                    Jianghai Securities is required to segregate client assets from its own funds to protect investors' interests and comply with regulations on asset management and custody.

                                    Safety Measures

                                    Jianghai Securities implements several safety measures to protect client assets, ensure data security, and maintain operational integrity. Here are some of their key safety measures:

                                    1. Client Asset Protection

                                  •   Segregation of Assets: Jianghai Securities segregates client funds from its own operating funds to ensure that client assets are protected and are not used for the company's operational activities.

                                  •   Custody Services: They offer custodial services, which involve safeguarding securities and other assets held by clients, reducing the risk of asset misappropriation or loss.

                                    2. Data Security

                                  •   Encryption: The firm uses encryption protocols to protect sensitive client data during transmission and storage, ensuring that personal and financial information is secure from unauthorized access.

                                  •   Cybersecurity Measures: Jianghai Securities has implemented robust cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks.

                                    3. Risk Management

                                  •   Regular Audits: They conduct regular internal and external audits to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining operational integrity.

                                  •   Stress Testing: The firm performs stress tests on its financial systems to evaluate their resilience under adverse market conditions, which helps in identifying potential vulnerabilities.

                                    4. Compliance with Regulations

                                  •   Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policies: Jianghai Securities adheres to stringent AML regulations, including client identification and transaction monitoring, to prevent illegal activities such as money laundering and fraud.

                                  •   Regulatory Reporting: They regularly report to regulatory authorities, ensuring transparency and accountability in their operations and compliance with legal standards.

                                    5. Investor Protection

                                  •   Investor Education: Jianghai Securities provides educational resources to help clients understand financial risks and make informed investment decisions. This includes seminars, online courses, and informational materials.

                                  •   Dispute Resolution: They have a robust mechanism for addressing client complaints and disputes, ensuring that issues are resolved efficiently and fairly.

                                    6. Operational Integrity

                                  •   Business Continuity Planning: The firm has business continuity plans in place to ensure that operations can continue smoothly in the event of disruptions, such as natural disasters or technical failures.

                                  •   Employee Training: Regular training is provided to employees on best practices in security and compliance, ensuring that staff are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest regulations and security protocols.

                                    Overall, Jianghai Securities employs a comprehensive set of safety measures to safeguard client interests and maintain a secure and compliant operational environment.

                                  Safety Measures

                                  What are securities to trade with Jianghai Securities?

                                    Jianghai Securities offers a broad range of securities for trading, satisfying diverse investment strategies and preferences. Here are the key types of securities you can trade with Jianghai Securities:

                                    1. Stocks

                                  •   A-Shares: These are shares of mainland Chinese companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. They are available to domestic investors and eligible foreign investors through programs like the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) scheme.

                                  •   B-Shares: These are shares of Chinese companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges but traded in foreign currencies (USD in Shanghai and HKD in Shenzhen), available to both domestic and foreign investors.

                                    2. Mutual Funds

                                  •   Jianghai Securities offers a variety of mutual funds, including equity, bond, balanced, and money market funds. These funds are managed by professional fund managers and provide diversification across different asset classes.

                                    3. Bonds

                                  •   Government Bonds: These are issued by the Chinese government and are considered low-risk investments. They provide regular interest payments and are suitable for conservative investors.

                                  •   Corporate Bonds: Issued by companies, these bonds offer higher yields compared to government bonds but come with increased risk.

                                    4. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

                                  •   ETFs track specific indexes or sectors and offer a cost-effective way to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of stocks or other securities. Jianghai Securities provides access to a wide range of ETFs listed on Chinese and international exchanges.

                                    5. Options

                                  •   Options contracts available through Jianghai Securities allow investors to hedge or speculate on the future price movements of underlying assets. These contracts include calls and puts on various stocks and indexes.

                                    6. Futures

                                  •   Futures contracts are available for trading in commodities, indexes, and financial instruments. These contracts are used for hedging or speculative purposes, allowing investors to bet on the future price movements of the underlying asset.

                                    7. Convertible Bonds

                                  •   These are bonds that can be converted into a predetermined number of shares of the issuing company. They offer the benefits of fixed-income securities with the potential upside of equity participation.

                                    8. New Third Board (NTB) Securities

                                  •   The NTB is a national over-the-counter market in China for trading shares of small and medium-sized enterprises that are not listed on the main stock exchanges. Jianghai Securities facilitates trading in these securities, which can offer high growth potential but come with higher risks.

                                    9. Investment-Linked Products

                                  •   These products combine investment and insurance components, providing life coverage along with potential investment returns based on the performance of underlying assets like mutual funds or bonds.

                                    10. International Securities

                                  •   Through various cross-border investment programs, Jianghai Securities offers access to international markets, allowing clients to trade foreign stocks, ETFs, and other securities. This provides opportunities for global diversification.

                                  What are securities to trade with Jianghai Securities?

                                  Jianghai Securities Accounts

                                    Jianghai Securities offers a range of account types to satisfy different investment needs. Heres an overview of the key accounts they provide:

                                  •   Credit Account:

                                    •   Suitable for margin trading and securities lending services.

                                    •   When the investor's maintenance margin ratio falls below 130%, margin purchases, securities lending sales, and collateral purchases are prohibited.

                                    •   Investors can apply for such an account if they have been with Jianghai Securities for over 18 months and have a trusted asset of over 1 million.

                                    •   Capital Account:

                                      •   Used for fund clearing during investors' securities transactions, recording the currency, balance, and changes in funds.

                                      •   Investors can only trade securities through a securities company after opening a capital account with them.

                                      •   Shareholder Account:

                                        •   Used for securities delivery and receipt during investors' securities transactions, recording the type, balance, and changes in securities.

                                        •   Investors can open such an account through a securities company, which typically includes Shanghai shareholder accounts and Shenzhen shareholder accounts.

                                        •   An individual can only open three Shanghai shareholder accounts, while Shenzhen shareholder accounts can be shared among securities companies, with no limit on the number.

                                        •   Fund Account:

                                          •   An account opened by the fund registration authority for investors to record their holdings and changes in the fund shares managed by the fund manager.

                                          •   Fund accounts can be classified as ordinary stock accounts (i.e., A-share accounts) or closed-end fund accounts opened by the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation (CSDC), TA accounts opened by the CSDC's open-end fund registration system, and corresponding fund accounts opened by individual fund managers.

                                          •   Derivative Margin Account and Derivative Contract Account:

                                            •   Suitable for participating in derivative transactions such as options.

                                            •   Investors can apply for such accounts through Jianghai Securities' membership when participating in simulated option trading.

                                            •   Other Special Accounts:

                                              •   Such as trust accounts, which may be used by specific institutions or investors to meet specific investment needs.

                                              • Jianghai Securities Accounts

                                                Jianghai Securities Fees Review

                                                  The firms fee structure is complex and varies depending on the services used. Here's a brief summary of it:

                                                Type of Account Subject of Charge Charges
                                                A-Share Account Individual 40 yuan
                                                A-Share Account Organization/Product 400 yuan
                                                Shanghai B-Share Account Individual USD 19
                                                Shanghai B-Share Account Organization/Product USD 85
                                                Shenzhen B-Share Account Individual HKD 120
                                                Shenzhen B-Share Account Organization/Product HKD 580
                                                Closed-End Fund Account Individual 5 yuan
                                                Closed-End Fund Account Organization/Product 5 yuan
                                                Credit Securities Account Individual 40 yuan
                                                Credit Securities Account Organization/Product 400 yuan

                                                  Securities Account Customer Information Change/Cancellation | Temporarily Exempted

                                                  Transaction Fees

                                                •   A-Shares: Not more than 0.3% of the transaction amount, starting from 5 yuan

                                                •   Shanghai B Shares: Not to exceed 0.3% of the transaction amount, starting from US$1

                                                •   Shenzhen B Shares: Not to exceed 0.3% of the transaction amount, starting from HK$5

                                                •   Fund: Not more than 0.3% of the transaction amount, starting from 5 yuan

                                                •   Warrants: Not more than 0.3% of the transaction amount, starting from 5 yuan

                                                •   Margin Trading Commission: Not more than 0.3% of the transaction amount, starting from 5 yuan

                                                •   Options Trading Commissions: No more than 20 yuan/piece

                                                Jianghai Securities Fees Review
                                                Jianghai Securities Fees Review

                                                Jianghai Securities App Review

                                                  Jianghai Securities offers the following apps and platforms:

                                                •   Jianghai Securities Mobile App (Jianghai Jinlong Comprehensive Edition):

                                                  •   Version: v9.00.83 (or later)

                                                  •   Size: 178.78 MB

                                                  •   Language: Simplified Chinese

                                                  •   Environment: Supports Android and iOS systems

                                                  •   Functionality: An all-in-one financial mobile app that provides stock account opening, market quotes, and stock trading. It offers features such as market trends, VIP services, investment insights, and financial videos to help investors stay updated on market changes, view market indexes, and check individual stock information.

                                                  •   Jianghai Securities with THS Desktop Version:

                                                    •   Category: Stock software

                                                    •   Version: v7.95.60.91 (or later)

                                                    •   Size: 66.12M

                                                    •   Last Updated: May 7, 2024

                                                    •   Platform: Available for download on other platforms

                                                    •   Jianghai Securities Unified Edition:

                                                      •   Category: Stock software

                                                      •   Version: v6.53

                                                      •   Size: 48.15M

                                                      •   Last Updated: February 24, 2024

                                                      •   Platform: Not specifically mentioned

                                                      •   Jianghai Securities Account Opening App:

                                                        •   Category: Financial management

                                                        •   Version: v3.4.2.2105231104 (or later)

                                                        •   Size: 39.17M

                                                        •   Last Updated: March 17, 2024

                                                        •   Platform: Not specifically mentioned

                                                        • Jianghai Securities App Review
                                                          Jianghai Securities App Review
                                                          Jianghai Securities App Review
                                                          Jianghai Securities App Review

                                                          Research and Eduation

                                                            Jianghai Securities does provide various educational and analytical resources. Here is a detailed overview of the resources they offer:

                                                          •   Investor Education Activities:

                                                            •   Jianghai Securities is committed to investor education and conducts various activities to enhance investors' financial literacy and risk prevention abilities.

                                                            •   Investment Education and Research Resources:

                                                              •   Jianghai Securities provides investment education and research resources such as research reports and market analysis to help investors make informed investment decisions.

                                                              •   Financial and Economic Mobile App:

                                                                •   Jianghai Securities offers a financial and economic mobile app called “Jianghai Jinlong Comprehensive Edition” that provides functions such as market trends, VIP services, and investment insights. It helps investors stay updated on market changes and easily view market indexes, stock rankings, and individual stock information.

                                                                •   Other Investment Services:

                                                                  •   As a state-owned comprehensive securities company, Jianghai Securities' business scope covers a wide range of services, including securities brokerage, securities investment consulting, securities proprietary trading, securities underwriting and recommendation, and more. These services provide investors with diverse investment options and professional investment advice.

                                                                  • Research and Eduation

                                                                    Customer Service

                                                                      Clients can reach out through various channels including phone, email, address and online chat, and the platform ensures multiple ways to get help depending on the urgency and nature of the issue.

                                                                      Phone: 956007

                                                                      Email: 956007@jhzq.com.cn

                                                                      Branch Offices: Room 2, 16th Floor, West Building, No. 399, Qunli Fourth Avenue, Daoli District, Harbin.

                                                                    Customer Service


                                                                      Jianghai Securities is a comprehensive brokerage firm offering a wide range of financial services, including securities brokerage, investment consulting, and asset management, particularly strong in the Chinese market. However, it has high account minimums and a complex fee structure, which might deter smaller investors, and offers no interest on uninvested cash. Overall, Jianghai Securities is best suited for well-capitalized investors interested in the Chinese market and seeking extensive investment options with professional guidance.


                                                                      Is Jianghai Securities safe to trade?

                                                                      Jianghai Securities is a safe and legitimate platform for trading securities. It adheres to regulatory requirements, ensures capital security, provides measures for trading safety, has a transparent fee structure, and is committed to investor protection. However, investors should still exercise caution and assess their own risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

                                                                      Is Jianghai Securities a good platform for beginners?

                                                                      Jianghai Securities is a legitimate and established securities company with certain security measures in place, it is a good platform for beginners relying on its outstanding educational resources, user-friendly interface and robust customer service.

                                                                      Is Jianghai Securities good for investing/retirement?

                                                                      Jianghai Securities is a legitimate and established securities company with a strong presence and business operations. It offers a range of investment products and services that can be suitable for retirement planning. However, investors should carefully assess factors such as business performance, customer service, and risk management before making a final decision. Additionally, it's important to consider personal investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation when planning for retirement.

                                                                    Risk Warning

                                                                      The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.



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