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〒220-0012 横浜市西区みなとみらい三丁目1番1号

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Hamagin Tokai Tokyo Securities Co.,Ltd.

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〒220-0012 横浜市西区みなとみらい三丁目1番1号

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Aspect Information
Company Name Hamagin TT Securities
Years in Business 15-20 years
Registered Region Japan
Regulatory Status Regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA)
Tradable Securities Japan and foreign stocks, Bonds, Investment trusts
Minimum Deposit N/A
Margin Trading Yes
New Stock Trading Yes
Commissions Competitive commissions ranging from 1.1000% to 0.1100%
Platforms/Apps Hamagin TT Securities Direct
Customer Service 0120-807-776
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Hamagin TT Securities Card (Japan Post ATM), Bank transfer, Direct debit, Foreign currency remittance
Account Types Securities Account, Specific Account

Overview of Hamagin TT Securities

  Hamagin TT Securities is a regulated brokerage firm in Japan, offering a wide range of tradable securities including Japan and foreign stocks, bonds, and investment trusts.

  They provide convenient trading services via their platform with competitive commissions, ranging from 1.1000% to 0.1100%.

  Founded over 15-20 years ago, the company operates during weekdays from 8:40 am to 5:00 pm, providing real-time stock price information and no fees for deposit and withdrawal.

  While regulated by the FSA, it's limited to use in Japan.

  Advantages include discounted brokerage commissions (up to 40%) and accessible trading app, but some services are restricted to PC use.

Overview of Hamagin TT Securities

Regulatory Status

  Hamagin TT Securities holds one securities license regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan. The license, designated as the Japan Securities Trading License, bears the identification number “関東財務局長(金商)第1977号”.

Regulatory Status

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Regulated by the FSA Restricted to use in Japan
Convenient trading app Some transactions and services restricted to PC use
40% discounted brokerage commission for Japan spot stocks
Real-time stock price information available
No fees for deposit and withdrawal
Competitive commissions ranging from 1.1000% to 0.1100%


  •   Regulated by the FSA: Hamagin TT Securities operates under the supervision of the Financial Services Agency (FSA), ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and investor protection.

  •   Convenient Trading App: Hamagin TT Securities offers a user-friendly trading app that provides easy access to the financial markets. This app allows users to execute trades, monitor their portfolios, and access market information conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

  •   40% Discounted Brokerage Commission for Japan Spot Stocks: Clients trading Japan spot stocks through Hamagin TT Securities benefit from a significant 40% discount on brokerage commissions compared to traditional trading methods.

  •   Real-time Stock Price Information Available: The platform provides real-time stock price information, enabling users to make informed investment decisions based on the latest market data.

  •   No Fees for Deposit and Withdrawal: Hamagin TT Securities does not charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing funds from trading accounts. This fee-free policy reduces the overall cost of trading for users, as they can manage their funds without incurring additional charges.

  •   Competitive Commissions Ranging from 1.1000% to 0.1100%: Hamagin TT Securities offers competitive commission rates for securities transactions, ranging from 1.1000% to 0.1100%. These commissions are relatively low compared to industry standards, making trading more cost-effective for investors.


  •   Restricted to Use in Japan: Hamagin TT Securities' services are primarily designed for users located in Japan. Non-residents or individuals residing outside Japan will face limitations or restrictions when accessing and using the platform.

  •   Some Transactions and Services Restricted to PC Use: While Hamagin TT Securities offers a convenient trading app for mobile devices, some transactions and services are restricted to PC use only. This limitation inconveniences users who prefer to conduct all their trading activities on mobile platforms, restricting their flexibility and accessibility.

Tradable Securities and Services

  Hamagin TT Securities provides a robust array of tradable securities, serving both domestic and international investors seeking various investment options across Japan and global markets.

  Japan Stocks: Hamagin TT Securities offers comprehensive information on stocks listed on major financial exchanges in Japan, including details on initial public offerings and public offerings.

  Foreign Stocks: Clients can access information on a wide range of foreign stocks, including US stocks, ADRs (India, Brazil, etc.), European stocks, and Chinese stocks, enabling diversified investment opportunities across global markets.

  Bonds: The platform provides insights into various types of bonds, including yen-denominated bonds and foreign currency-denominated bonds, facilitating informed decisions for fixed-income investment strategies.

  Japan Investment Trusts: Hamagin TT Securities presents a selection of prominent investment trust products within the Japanese market, offering clients access to a wide range of investment opportunities.

  Foreign Investment Trusts: Clients can explore investment trusts denominated in foreign currencies, allowing for exposure to international markets and currency diversification strategies.

Tradable Securities and Services

Commissions and Fees

  For convertible bonds and similar instruments, Hamagin TT Securities charges a basic fee based on the contract price, with a minimum fee of 2,750 yen (tax included). The commission rates vary depending on the contract price, ranging from 1.1000% to 0.1100% of the contract price, with additional fixed fees.

  For branch transactions, Hamagin TT Securities offers up to an 18% discount off the basic commission fee, with a minimum commission fee of 2,750 yen (tax included). Through Hamagin TT Securities Direct, clients can enjoy a 40% discount from the basic commission fee, with a minimum commission fee of 1,650 yen (tax included).

Contract Price Basic Commission Fee (tax included) Hamagin TT Securities Direct Basic Fee (tax included)
Under 1 million yen 1.2650% of the contract price (minimum fee: 2,750 yen) 0.7590% of the contract price (minimum fee: 1,650 yen)
1 million yen to 2 million yen 0.9350% of contract price + 3,300 yen 0.5610% of contract price + 1,980 yen
2 million yen to 3 million yen 0.9075% of contract price + 3,850 yen 0.5445% of contract price + 2,310 yen
3 million yen to 4 million yen 0.8580% of contract price + 5,335 yen 0.5148% of contract price + 3,201 yen
4 million yen to 5 million yen 0.8470% of contract price + 5,775 yen 0.5082% of contract price + 3,465 yen
5 million yen to 10 million yen 0.7260% of contract price + 11,825 yen 0.4356% of contract price + 7,095 yen
10 million yen to 30 million yen 0.5830% of contract price + 26,125 yen 0.3498% of contract price + 15,675 yen
30 million yen to 50 million yen 0.2750% of contract price + 118,525 yen 0.1650% of contract price + 71,115 yen
Over 50 million yen 0.0880% of contract price + 212,025 yen 0.0528% of contract price + 127,215 yen

  Comparing the commission fees with popular brokers, Hamagin TT Securities offers competitive rates, especially with the discounts available for both branch transactions and direct transactions. The commission rates generally fall within the average range, with fees ranging from 0.0880% to 1.2650% for stock brokerage and 0.1100% to 1.1000% for convertible bonds. However, the discounts offered by Hamagin TT Securities can potentially lower the overall costs, making it an attractive option for investors.

Commissions and Fees
Commissions and Fees
Commissions and Fees

Account Types

  Hamagin TT Securities offers two main types of accounts: the Securities Account and the Specific Account.

  The Securities Account serves as a comprehensive and advantageous option for managing entrusted funds, providing regular reporting on asset status. It features the Money Reserve Fund (MRF) and automatic sweep functionality for efficient asset management.

  The Specific Account streamlines tax procedures and facilitates safe and convenient stock investment. With a flat 3% discount on commission fees for users of the Securities Account, it is suitable for investors seeking cost-effective and convenient securities trading. The Hamagin TT Securities Card enhances accessibility, allowing MRF transactions and balance inquiries at Japan Post ATMs.

Account Types

Platforms & Tools

  Hamagin TT Securities Direct is a user-friendly trading platform accessible via PC or smartphone, offering a range of features without usage fees.

  It enables convenient transactions with no additional charges, allowing users to trade domestic spot stocks at a 40% discounted brokerage commission compared to branch transactions.

  Moreover, domestic investment trust transaction fees receive a 10% discount compared to branch transactions. The platform provides real-time stock price information through QUICK Investment Information, facilitates inquiries into asset holdings and transaction history, and offers electronic delivery services for transaction reports.

  Additionally, it offers a real-time account transfer service. However, certain services, such as stock and investment trust transactions, are not available on mobile phones. Hamagin TT Securities Direct's corporate service is limited to inquiry functions only.

Platforms & Tools

Deposit & Withdrawal

  Hamagin TT Securities offers multiple payment methods for depositing funds into trading accounts. Customers can use the Hamagin TT Securities Card at Japan Post ATMs for convenient deposits without any fees. Alternatively, they can opt for bank transfers to the dedicated Yokohama Bank Kamome Branch account. Hamagin TT Securities also provides a real-time direct debit service, allowing customers to transfer funds instantly through their online service.

  Additionally, foreign currency remittance is accepted, with the transfer fee refunded upon submission of the remittance statement.

  There is no specific mention of a minimum deposit requirement provided by Hamagin TT Securities.

  For depositing funds, there are generally no fees associated when using the Hamagin TT Securities Card at Japan Post ATMs. Bank transfers to the dedicated Yokohama Bank Kamome Branch account do not incur fees for customers, as Hamagin TT Securities bears the transfer fees.

  Withdrawals can be made via the Hamagin TT Securities Card at Japan Post ATMs, with no fees for customers. Alternatively, customers can opt for bank transfer withdrawals, where Hamagin TT Securities covers the transfer fees. However, for withdrawals via foreign currency remittance, customers are responsible for any fees incurred during the transfer process, including transfer fees and lifting charges. The remittance fee varies depending on the recipient's bank, with fees ranging from 3,000 yen to 4,500 yen for different bank accounts.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Customer Service

  Hamagin TT Securities provides accessible customer support for inquiries regarding their services and procedures. Customers can reach the Customer Support Center at 0120-807-776 during weekdays from 8:40 to 17:00

Customer Service


  In conclusion, Hamagin TT Securities offers a regulated and reputable platform for securities trading in Japan. With competitive commissions ranging from 1.1000% to 0.1100%, it provides cost-effective trading opportunities.

  The availability of margin trading and new stock trading enhances investment options, while real-time stock price information facilitates informed decision-making. However, limitations exist, such as restricted availability of certain services on mobile phones and limited customer support during weekends and holidays.

  Nonetheless, the platform's user-friendly interface and no-fee deposit and withdrawal services contribute to its overall appeal, making it a viable option for investors seeking accessible and reliable trading solutions.


  •   Question: What securities can users trade with Hamagin TT Securities?

    •   Answer: Users can trade domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, and investment trusts through the platform.

      •   Question: Does the platform offer margin trading?

        •   Answer: Yes, Hamagin TT Securities provides margin trading services to eligible clients.

          •   Question: Can users access real-time stock price information?

            •   Answer: Yes, users have access to real-time stock price information to make informed decisions.

              •   Question: What are the commission rates for trading?

                •   Answer: Commission rates range from 1.1000% to 0.1100%, offering competitive pricing for transactions.


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15-20 years


Securities Lending Fully Paid、Bonds & Fixed Income、Futures、Investment Advisory Service、Options、Stocks

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