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6/F Jubilee Centre, 18 Fenwick Street, 46 Gloucseter Road, Wanchai,Hong Kong

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China Hong Kong

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6/F Jubilee Centre, 18 Fenwick Street, 46 Gloucseter Road, Wanchai,Hong Kong

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Company Name Enlighten Corporation
Years in Business 15-20 years
Registered Region Hong Kong
Regulatory Status Regulated by SFC
Tradable Securities Hong Kong Securities,Hong Kong Futures,Overseas Futures,Overseas Stocks
Service Account Opening,Online Trading
Margin Trading Yes
New Stock Trading Yes
Commissions Futures: $60, Option:1%, Stocks: Minimum as $70
Trading Fees 0.0005% of Every Transaction
Platforms/Apps Securities Online Trading Platform(JAVA)/(HTML)
Customer Service Phone:(852) 2152 3388
Educational Resources Mews,Minghui Research Department

What is Enlighten Corporation?

  Enlighten Corporation, a experienced financial corporation company. It's based in Hong Kong and operational for 15-20 years, is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). The company offers trading in Hong Kong securities, futures, overseas stocks, and futures.

  They provide services such as account opening and online trading, and support both margin and new stock trading. Their commission structure includes fees for futures at $60, options at 1%, and a minimum of $70 for stocks.

  Enlighten Corporation utilizes a Securities Online Trading Platform available in both JAVA and HTML formats. Customer support can be reached by phone at (852) 2152 3388.

What is Enlighten Corporation?

Regulatory Status

  •   Enlighten Securities Limited

    •   Enlighten Securities Limited is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong under license number AEF482, effective from November 30, 2004.

    •   The firm operates from the Jubilee Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, and is authorized to deal in a variety of financial products. The company also provides investment advisory services, ensuring a broad spectrum of financial offerings for its clients.

      Regulatory Status
      •   Enlighten Futures Limited

        •   Similarly, Enlighten Futures Limited holds a regulatory license from the SFC, designated as AGA532, which became effective on the same date as its counterpart, November 30, 2004. Located also in the Jubilee Centre in Wan Chai, this entity focuses on trading and advisory services across a range of financial instruments.

        • Regulatory Status

          Pros & Cons

          Pros Cons
          Experienced Security Institution Not 24/7 Customer Support
          No Downloaded Trading Platform No Promotion Rewards
          Regulated by SFC High Commissions For Stocks as $70
          Multiple Tradable Assets
          Research Department and News Available For Users


            Enlighten Securities Limited and Enlighten Futures Limited are seasoned institutions regulated by the SFC, offering a broad range of tradable assets and extensive research resources to support informed trading decisions.


            The firms do not provide 24/7 customer support, lack promotional incentives, and require the use of non-downloadable web-based trading platforms. Additionally, they impose relatively high stock transaction commissions at $70.

          Tradable Securities

            Enlighten Securities many tradable securities for its users.

          •   Hong Kong Securities: These are financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds, issued by companies and government entities based in Hong Kong. Investors can buy and sell these securities on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, benefiting from the dynamic economic environment and the region's strong financial market infrastructure.

          • securities
            •   Hong Kong Futures: Futures contracts available in Hong Kong allow traders to speculate on or hedge against future price movements of various financial instruments or commodities. These contracts are standardized and traded on the Hong Kong Futures Exchange, providing a way to manage financial risk or invest in price movements.

            • securities
              •   Overseas Futures: These are futures contracts tied to assets or commodities that are based outside of Hong Kong. Trading overseas futures allows investors to gain exposure to international markets and diversify their investment portfolios beyond local offerings.

              • securities
                •   Overseas Stocks: Stocks of companies based outside of Hong Kong fall under this category. Investors can participate in global markets by trading overseas stocks, accessing a wide range of industries and economic sectors not necessarily available through Hong Kong-based companies.

                • Services

                    Enlighten Securities Limited and Enlighten Futures Limited offer the following services:

                  •   Account Opening: The firms provide a streamlined process for opening new trading accounts, accommodating various types of investors. This service includes personal and corporate account options, allowing clients to engage in securities and futures trading.

                    • services
                    •   Online Trading: Both companies facilitate online trading through their platforms, which support real-time market access and transactions. These platforms enable clients to trade a diverse array of financial products, including stocks, futures, options, and more, directly from their computers or mobile devices.

                    • services

                      Commissions and Fees

                        Enlighten Securities Limited has a comprehensive fee structure with charges for various aspects of trading, including brokerage, stamp duty, transaction levy, trading, clearing, and FRC transaction levy.

                        The fee structure can be considered relatively high, especially with the minimum charges and multiple fees applied to each transaction.

                      Fee Type Percentage/Amount Details
                      Brokerage Fee Negotiable Minimum $70.00 per transaction
                      Stamp Duty 0.1% of transaction Rounded up to the nearest dollar
                      Transaction Levy 0.003% of transaction Applied to total transaction amount
                      Trading Fee 0.005% of transaction Charged on each trade
                      Clearing Fee 0.005% of transaction Minimum $2.00, Maximum $300.00
                      FRC Transaction Levy 0.00015% of transaction Funds financial reporting standards enforcement

                        Brokerage Fee: Enlighten Securities Limited charges a negotiable brokerage fee for each transaction, with a minimum set at $70.00. This fee is variable depending on the specifics of each trade and can be discussed with the brokerage to potentially adjust based on volume or other factors.

                        Stamp Duty: A stamp duty of 0.1% is applied to the transaction amount for each trade conducted through Enlighten Securities Limited. This fee is rounded up to the nearest dollar, ensuring a minimum collection of $1 even for smaller transactions.

                        Transaction Levy: The firm imposes a transaction levy of 0.003% on the total amount of each transaction. This fee is mandated by regulatory authorities and is used to fund the operations of financial oversight bodies.

                      Commissions and Fees

                        Trading Fee: A trading fee of 0.005% of the transaction amount is charged for each trade. This fee is collected to cover the costs associated with the trading infrastructure and technology that facilitate market operations.

                        Clearing Fee: Enlighten Securities Limited charges a clearing fee of 0.005% per transaction amount. This fee has a minimum charge of $2.00 and can go up to a maximum of $300.00, depending on the total value of the transaction.

                        FRC Transaction Levy: A Financial Reporting Council (FRC) transaction levy of 0.00015% is applied to each transaction amount. This fee contributes to the funding of financial reporting standards enforcement and compliance checks.

                      Commissions and Fees

                      Trading Platform

                        Enlighten Securities Limited utilizes an online trading platform that supports both JAVA and HTML formats. This platform allows for real-time trading and provides access to a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, futures, and options.

                        The JAVA-based version offers robust functionality and is likely suited for more detailed and complex trading strategies, while the HTML version provides accessibility and ease of use through web browsers, ensuring that clients can manage their investments efficiently from any device with internet access.

                      Trading Platform

                      Customer Service

                        Enlighten Securities Limited offers customer support from its office located on the 6th floor of the Jubilee Centre at 18 Fenwick Street and 46 Gloucester Road in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

                        Clients can reach their customer service team by calling (852) 2152 3388. This central location in Hong Kong provides a convenient point of contact for inquiries and support, ensuring that clients receive timely assistance for their trading needs.

                      Customer Service

                      Educational Resources

                        Minghui Group provides a range of educational resources to its clients and the public, focusing on enhancing awareness and understanding of financial markets and cybersecurity. Key educational topics include:

                      •   Online Investment Scams: The group offers guidance on identifying and avoiding online investment scams, helping clients recognize fake websites and fraudulent schemes.

                      •   Cybersecurity Awareness: Detailed tips and updates on maintaining cybersecurity, including how to spot phishing emails and SMS alerts, are provided. This also includes necessary actions like regular updates of passwords and security certificates for trading platforms.

                      •   Regulatory Changes: Information about significant regulatory amendments, such as changes to customer agreements and updates on trading policies, helps clients stay compliant and informed about their trading environment.

                      •   Market Reports: Minghui Group also offers market reports, including stock rankings and performance metrics like maximum uplift and drawdown, which can aid investors in making informed decisions.

                      • Educational Resources


                          Minghui Group operates as a financial service provider, offering a wide range of trading platforms and investment opportunities in Hong Kong.

                          With a strong focus on customer support, educational resources, and a robust online trading infrastructure, Minghui Group is committed to safeguarding its clients' interests through rigorous cybersecurity measures and continuous regulatory updates.

                          The firm facilitates informed trading experience through market reports and strategic investment data, attracting both novice and experienced investors.


                          Question: What types of securities can I trade with Minghui Group?

                          Answer: Minghui Group allows trading in a variety of securities including Hong Kong securities, overseas futures, and overseas stocks.

                          Question: How can I contact customer support?

                          Answer: Customer support can be reached by calling (852) 2152 3388 or visiting their office at the Jubilee Centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

                          Question: Are there any educational resources available to help me start trading?

                          Answer: Yes, Minghui Group offers educational resources on avoiding investment scams, cybersecurity tips, and market analysis to help you make informed decisions.

                          Question: What are the trading fees at Minghui Group?

                          Answer: The trading fees include a negotiable brokerage fee with a minimum of $70, stamp duties, transaction levies, and other related costs depending on the transaction.

                          Question: Does Minghui Group provide updates on software and security for trading platforms?

                          Answer: Yes, the group regularly updates their trading systems and security certificates to ensure client safety and optimal trading performance.


Registered region

China Hong Kong

Years in Business

15-20 years



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