Petrini Valores

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25 de Mayo 267 Piso 3°. X5000ELE. Córdoba, Argentina.

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No valid securities license has been found yet, please be aware of the risks!

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Petrini Valores SA

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Petrini Valores

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25 de Mayo 267 Piso 3°. X5000ELE. Córdoba, Argentina.

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  • It has been verified that this brokerage firm currently has no effective regulation, please be aware of the risk!

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  Note: The details presented in this review are subject to potential modifications due to the ongoing updates to the company's offerings and policy adjustments. Additionally, the relevance of this review's information may be influenced by the original publication date, as service details and policies may have evolved since that time. Hence, it's crucial for readers to seek out the most current information directly from the company prior to making any decisions or initiating actions based on this review. The responsibility for utilizing the information provided herein lies entirely with the individual reader.

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Petrini Valores
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What is Petrini Valores?

  Petrini Valores SA operates as a Proprietary Settlement and Clearing Agent and Trading Agent (ALYC and Proprietary AN), holding registration number 85 with the National Securities Commission. It has no regulations and its official website does not support English.

Petrini Valores' homepage

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
None English Not Supported on the Website
No Regulations


  •   English Not Supported on the Website: The official website is in Spanish, and the absence of English language support on the website will pose a barrier for international traders who prefer to access information in English.

  •   No Regulation: Petrini Valoresis not currently regulated by any external authority. This absence of regulatory oversight will concern users about its standard of oversight and protection offered.

Is Petrini Valores Safe?


  Petrini Valores is currently non-regulated. Trading with a non-regulated broker significantly increases the risk of fraud and may offer little to no protection to traders in the event of disputes or the broker's insolvency.

No license

  Fund Safety

  Petrini Valores does not provide extra insurance for its users. In this case, the risks users encounter in investing will not be covered.

  Safety Measures

  So far, we haven't found any information about the security measures applied for users by Petrini Valores.

What Securities Can You Trade with Petrini Valores?

  Petrini Valores offers a certain range of securities. These include:

  •   Shares and Cedears: This includes trading securities issued by Argentine companies and deposit certificates (Cedears) of foreign companies through BYMA (Argentine Stock Exchanges and Markets).

  •   Public Titles and Debt Securities:

    •   Negotiable Obligations: Typically corporate bonds or other negotiable debt instruments that can be traded.

    •   Fiduciary Debt Securities: Securities backed by a trust arrangement, provide another layer of security for bondholder

    •   Green Bonds: Bonds specifically earmarked to raise money for climate and environmental projects.

    •   Financial Derivatives: Instruments such as options and futures that derive their value from an underlying asset, providing opportunities for hedging or speculation.

    •   Common Investment Funds (FCI): Petrini Valores acts as a placement agent for various FCIs managed by different fund managers such as Gainvest, Delta, Consultatio, and others. FCIs allow investors to pool their money in a diversified portfolio managed by financial professionals.

    • Products and services

      Petrini Valores Fees Review

        Petrini Valores stated the commissions it charges and the tariffs related on its official website on the page: https://www.petrini.com.ar/comisiones-y-aranceles/. It provides a PDF for users to check the details, which are presented in a table within. However, the document is not in English, so non-Spanish speakers can find it difficult to understand.

      Petrini Valores Fees Review

      Customer Service

        Petrini Valores provides a certain range of customer support channels. These include:

        Telephone Support: It provides support via phone line at +54 (351) 423 0048, so clients can contact Petrini Valores directly via phone for immediate assistance.

        Email Support: Its email address is info@petrini.com.ar, which allows clients to send detailed queries or documents. It is suitable for non-urgent issues or when a record of the communication is needed.

        Social Media: Petrini Valores is active on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, X(Twitter), LinkedIn, Skype, and Instagram, where users can keep updated with the latest activities of this broker.

        Company Address: Its physical office is May 25 267 3rd Floor. X5000ELE. Cordoba Argentina. This address can be used for official correspondence or for in-person inquiries.

      Contact info


        As a broker, Petrini Valores lacks support for popular securities. It holds no regulations and a monolingual website makes it difficult for other language speakers. We do not recommend this broker to any user.


        Is Petrini Valores regulated?

        No, it is not regulated.

        Is there a mobile app available?


        Is it safe to trade with Petrini Valores?

        No, not at all, since it is a non-regulated broker and does not apply extra security measures.

        Can I trade cryptos with Petrini Valores?


      Risk Warning

        The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.


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