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  • 2024/03/282023/Q416.326B/6.541B
  • 2023/10/302023/Q3--/4.599B
  • 2023/08/302023/Q2--/7.754B
  • 2023/04/282023/Q1--/6.500B
  • 2022/04/292022/Q15.071B/6.000B

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CICC Basic Information
Founded in 1995
Registered in China
Regulatory CSRC
Tradable Securities and Services Investment Banking, Equities, Fixed Income, Wealth Management, Asset Management, Private Equity Investment, Research
Platforms/Apps CICC FX, FICC Web and App, CICC Fixed Income ESG Metrics
Customer Service Provided globally with specific contact details per region
Promotions No

What is CICC?

  China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) is a leading financial institution in China, founded in 1995. It offers a broad range of financial services including investment banking, equity and fixed income trading, asset management, and private equity investments. Regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, CICC serves both domestic and international clients, providing extensive market access and comprehensive financial products.

What is CICC?


  CICC is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC). The regulatory scope covers various financial products and services, including ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and fixed income, annuities, margin loans, options, futures, securities lending fully paid, and investment advisory services.


Compare to similar Brokerages

  [give me the information of CICC based on the information below in the following aspects and put them in a table: Account Minimums, Fees, Regulations, Promotions(Yes/No)]

CICC Interactive Brokers eToro CommSec
Account Minimums:Not specific Account Minimums: $0 Account Minimums: $10 Account Minimums: $500
Fees: Not specific Fees: $0 per trade Fees: 1% fixed fee per trade Fees: Varies depending on tiers
Regulations: CSRCI Regulations: FINRA, ASIC, FCA, FSA, SFC, IIROC, MAS Regulations: ASIC, CYSEC, FCA Regulations: ASIC
Promotions: No Promotions: Yes Promotions: No Promotions: No

Pros & Cons

  CICC is renowned for offering a comprehensive suite of financial services, showcasing strong leadership in delivering innovative financial solutions to a global clientele. Its diverse offerings in investment banking, equities, fixed income, and more, cater to a wide spectrum of financial needs, underpinned by robust regulatory compliance that reinforces its reputation as a reliable institution. However, CICC falls short in transparency regarding specific fee structures and minimum deposit requirements, which could be a drawback for potential clients seeking detailed financial planning. Additionally, the lack of promotional offerings may limit its appeal to new clients compared to other competitors who use such incentives.

Pros Cons
  • Wide range of financial services and products
  • Specific fee details not provided
  • Strong regulatory compliance and global presence
  • Promotions not offered
  • Leadership in innovative financial solutions
  • Minimum deposit details not disclosed

Tradable Securities and Services

  1. Investment Banking: Capital markets services including equity financing, debt and structured finance, and advisory services for various entities.

  2. Equities: Comprehensive services encompassing research, sales and trading, product structuring, connectivity, and cross-border solutions focused on Chinas markets.

  3. Fixed Income: Sales and trading of fixed income securities, commodities, foreign exchange, and derivatives for Chinese and international institutions.

  4. Wealth Management: Customized products and services for high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients to meet their financial objectives.

  5. Asset Management: A broad range of asset management products and services aimed at delivering sustainable and competitive returns.

  6. Private Equity Investment: Investments in global innovative companies across industries such as technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer goods through CICC Capital.

  7. Research: Trusted insights on macroeconomics, market strategy, stocks, and commodities, with a specialization in China..


  CICC offers a range of specialized platforms tailored to different financial markets and needs:

  1. CICC FX: Provides comprehensive foreign exchange trading services for qualified clients, including spot, forward, and currency swap products, available anytime and anywhere. The platform features real-time market rate synchronization and options for pending order trading, limit orders, stop-loss, and stop-gain, with a customizable trading interface.

  2. FICC Web and App: A leading fixed income service platform that integrates research, sales, and trading with investment banking resources. It offers a one-stop online service that covers research reports, credit ratings, and live-streamed roadshows, accessible through both web and app versions.

  3. CICC Fixed Income ESG Metrics: Provides ESG ratings for over 4,000 bond issuers in China, incorporating indicators from the CICC Global Institute‘s “Carbon-Neutrality Economics” report. This platform aligns with China’s national strategies on low-carbon development and rural revitalization.


Trading Tools

  CICC offers a robust suite of trading tools designed to meet the complex needs of professional investors, both in China and internationally. These tools include:

  1. Equity Services: Expertise in block trades, A-/H- share IPOs, follow-on offerings, structured product offerings, and equity hedging solutions, backed by strong IT infrastructure.

  2. Prime Brokerage Platforms: Customized products and derivatives solutions for securities margin trading and risk management, featuring both domestic and overseas platforms with services such as risk monitoring, cross-border access, algorithmic trading, and listed option trading.

  3. Derivatives Trading: As a First-Class OTC Option Dealer, CICC provides a variety of derivative products, including options and corporate derivatives, catering to professional investors.

  4. Innovative Financial Products: Focus on supporting high technology and green finance with innovative financial products, contributing to industry best practices and first-in-market transactions.

  5. Capital Introduction Services: Helps to connect investors with fund managers, facilitating investment opportunities.

  6. Integrated Operation and Risk Control Platforms: These platforms provide comprehensive operational support across the entire business process and product lifecycle, ensuring risk management and compliance across all trading activities.

Trading Tools

Educational Resources

  CICC provides educational resources through detailed analyses and insights on financial topics, including the RMB interest rate swap market, Chinas interest rate derivatives, global FX market outlooks, and macroeconomic conditions.

Educational Resources

Customer Service

  1. Beijing Headquarters

  - Address: 28th Floor, China World Office 2, No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing 100004, P.R. China

  - Phone: (+86-10) 6505 1166

  - Fax: (+86-10) 6505 1156

  - Email: info@cicc.com.cn

  2. Hong Kong Branch

  - Address: 29th Floor, One International Finance Centre 1 Harbour View Street Central, Hong Kong

  - Phone: (+852) 2872 2000

  - Fax: (+852) 2872 2100

  - Email: info@cicc.com.cn

  3. New York Branch

  - Address: 280 Park Ave, 32F, New York, NY 10017, USA

  - Phone: (+1) 646 794 8800

  - Fax: (+1) 646 794 8801

  - Email: info@cicc.com.cn

  4. London Branch

  - Address: 25th Floor, 125 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AR, United Kingdom

  - Phone: (+44-20) 7367 5718

  - Fax: (+44-20) 7367 5719

  - Email: ukinfo@cicc.com.cn

  5. Singapore Branch

  - Address: 6 Battery Road, #33-01, Singapore 049909

  - Phone: (+65) 6572 1999

  - Fax: (+65) 6327 1718

Customer Service


  CICC stands out as a robust financial institution with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to diverse financial needs. It leads in innovation, particularly in the realms of derivatives and prime brokerage. However, potential clients might find the lack of disclosed information on fees and minimum deposit requirements a limitation for informed decision-making. CICC's strong regulatory compliance and global operational capabilities position it as a reliable partner in finance.


  Q: What types of financial services does CICC offer?

  A: CICC offers investment banking, equities trading, fixed income services, wealth and asset management, private equity investments, and financial research.

  Q: Is CICC regulated?

  A: Yes, CICC is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  Q: Does CICC offer digital trading platforms?

  A: Yes, CICC provides several platforms including CICC FX for forex trading, and FICC Web and App for fixed income products.

  Q: Can international clients access CICC's services?

  A: Yes, CICC has a global presence with offices in major financial centers like Hong Kong, New York, London, and Singapore, catering to international clients with a variety of financial services.

  Q: What customer support options does CICC offer?

  A: CICC offers comprehensive customer support through multiple channels, including dedicated phone lines, emails, and physical offices across various countries, ensuring responsive and accessible service for their clients worldwide.

Risk Warning

  Online trading carries substantial risk, potentially leading to the total loss of invested funds and it may not be appropriate for all traders or investors. It's crucial to fully comprehend the associated risks before engaging in trading activities. Additionally, the content of this review is subject to change, reflecting updates in the company's services and policies. The review's creation date is also relevant, as information could have become outdated. Before making any investment choices, readers are urged to verify the most current information directly with the company. The sole responsibility for acting on the information contained in this document rests with the reader.


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Securities Lending Fully Paid、Margin Loans、Annuities、Bonds & Fixed Income、Futures、Investment Advisory Service、Options、Stocks、ETFs、Mutual Funds

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