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Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1355 – 22º andar Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo – SP, 01452-002

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Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1355 – 22º andar Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo – SP, 01452-002

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Company Profile

Necton Review Summary
WikiStock Rating
Founded 2018
Registered Region Brazil
Regulatory Status No regulation
Products & Services Treasury Direct, Fixed Income, COE, Stock Market, Invest Flex, Investment Funds, Future, Real Estate Funds, Public Offerings, Fiduciary Administration
Fees Bovespa (stocks, options, ETFs etc.): R$ 0,25- R$ 0,25
Real Estate Investment Funds: zero fees
Equity Futures: R$ 0,50- R$ 2,00
Mini Contracts (Index, Dollar and S&P): R$ 0,05- R$ 0,95
Full Contracts (Index & Dollar): R$ 1,20- R$ 3,90
Other BM&F Contracts (Agricultural, S&P, etc.): R$ 12,29- R$ 30,00
App/Platform Necton Investimentos, Home Broker, Profitchart, Tryd, Fast Trade, Trader Evolution®, MetaTrader 5 etc.
Customer Service Address: Sao Paulo- Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1355 – 22º andar
Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo – SP, 01452-002
Rio de Janeiro- Rua Quitanda, 86 - 701B
Santa Catarina- Rua Romano Anselmo Fontana, 783 - sala 02
Centro, Concórdia – SC (49) 99816-0475
Email: atendimento@necton.com.br; Tel: 0800 722 0048, 0800 770 9936
Instagram; LinkedIn; YouTube

What is Necton?

  Necton, operating under BANCO BTG PACTUAL S.A., was formed in 2018 through the merger of Spinelli (founded in 1953) and Concord (founded in 1986). It offers a wide array of financial services and products including Treasury Direct, fixed income, COE, stock market investments, Invest Flex, investment funds, futures, real estate funds, public offerings, and fiduciary administration.

  Necton's trading fees vary by product, with zero fees for real estate investment funds and nominal fees for other services. Despite its extensive product range and advanced trading platforms like MetaTrader 5, Profitchart, and Home Broker, interested clients should consider the company's lack of regulatory oversight, which raises concerns about consumer protection and financial security.

Necton's homepage

  For more detailed information, you can visit their official website: https://www.necton.com.br/ contact their customer service directly.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Diverse Investment Options Lack of Regulatory Oversight
Advanced Trading Platforms
Flexibility in Fees
  •   Diverse Investment Options: Necton offers a wide range of investment products and services, including stocks, options, ETFs, real estate investment funds, and futures contracts, providing clients with ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

  •   Advanced Trading Platforms: Necton provides clients with various state-of-the-art trading platforms like Home Broker, Profitchart, and MetaTrader 5, offering advanced features and tools for trading and analysis.

  •   Flexibility in Fees: Necton's fee structure offers flexibility, with varying fees depending on the type of transaction and security, allowing clients to choose the most cost-effective option for their investment needs.

  • Cons:
    •   Lack of Regulatory Oversight: Necton operates without regulatory oversight, which raises concerns regarding consumer protection and financial security, deterring some clients from engaging with the company.

    • Is It Safe?

      •   Regulatory sight

        The absence of valid regulations of Necton which the company operates signifies potential risks, as it lacks the guarantee of comprehensive protection for traders engaging on its platform.

      No license
      •   Safety Measures

        Necton employs two-factor authentication (2FA) as a crucial security measure to protect client accounts. This requires clients to verify their identity using two different forms of identification: something they know, such as a password, and something they have, like a mobile device or hardware token. After entering the password, clients must provide a code sent via SMS, generated by an authenticator app, or from a hardware token. This additional verification step ensures that even if a password is compromised, unauthorized access is prevented without the second authentication factor, thereby significantly enhancing account security.

      What are Securities to Trade with Necton?

        Necton offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services, categorized to meet diverse investor needs.

        Treasury Direct provides government bonds, functioning like a loan to the Federal Government, offering a secure way to earn returns.

        Fixed Income products, including CDB, LC, LF, LCA/LCI, CRI/CRA, and debentures, are ideal for those seeking predictable returns, either fixed or tied to market indexes.

        The COE (Certificate of Structured Operations) combines the security of fixed income with the profitability of variable income stock, ensuring protected initial capital.

        Investment Funds function like investor condominiums, where participants share expenses and benefits according to set rules.

        Real Estate Funds allow investors to own shares in commercial properties and receive income from rents or property appreciation.

        The Stock Market services include trading in stocks, options, terms, rentals, and index funds, offering a quick and intuitive investment experience.

        Invest Flex provides access to market opportunities without redeeming current investments.

        The Exchange service facilitates secure international payments and receipts, supporting foreign trade and end-to-end solutions.

        Futures trading enables investors to profit from trends in various markets, including currency, indexes, and agriculture.

        Public Offerings offer opportunities to invest in company expansions or restructurings through IPOs, follow-ons, or Public Takeover Offers.

        Finally, Fiduciary Administration provides expert fund management, acting as the legal representative before regulatory authorities and ensuring the interests of shareholders are preserved with diligence and tailored solutions.

        Additionally, investing in Investment Mutual Funds with Necton allows pooling funds with others, managed by professionals for diversified investments across assets and markets, mitigating risk and accessing otherwise challenging markets.

      What are Securities to Trade with Necton?

      Fees Review

        Necton offers a detailed fee structure for various financial products and services.

        For Bovespa (Stocks, Options, ETFs, BDRs, etc.), the cost per order varies based on the number of orders: R$ 4.50 for 1 to 10 orders, R$ 4.00 for 11 to 40 orders, R$ 3.50 for 41 to 75 orders, R$ 1.20 for 76 to 500 orders, and R$ 0.25 for over 500 orders. Options exercise costs 0.5% of the exercised volume. Clients using the RLP module enjoy zero brokerage costs for day trades in stocks and ETFs.

        For Real Estate Investment Funds, self-service users incur no fees, while advisory services cost 0.5% of the trading volume.

        Equity Futures fees range from R$ 2.00 per lot for 1 to 50 lots to R$ 0.50 per lot for over 500 lots, with advisory services adding a regressive brokerage plus R$ 10.00 per lot.

        Mini Contracts (Index, Dollar, S&P) range from R$ 0.95 per contract for 1 to 50 contracts to R$ 0.05 per contract for over 15,000, with no fees for RLP users in self-service.

        Full Contracts (Index & Dollar) cost R$ 3.90 per lot for 1 to 50 lots, decreasing to R$ 1.20 for over 500 lots, with advisory services adding a regressive brokerage plus R$ 40.00 per lot.

        Lastly, Other BM&F Contracts (Agricultural, S&P, etc.) range from R$ 30.00 per contract for 1 to 50 contracts to R$ 12.29 for over 500 contracts, with a regressive brokerage plus R$ 40.00 per contract for advisory services.

        For more detailed information about fees for each product, you can visit https://www.necton.com.br/custos-operacionais/.

      Fees Review


        Necton provides its clients with a diverse range of cutting-edge trading platforms to meet various investment objectives, ensuring secure and agile operations.

        The offerings include BTG Pactual's free Home Broker platform, Profitchart, which offers resources for any analytical and operational profile, and Tryd, a platform that broadcasts real-time quotes, offers, and news.

        Additionally, SmarttBot enables clients to automate their operations with advanced robotics, while Fast Trade offers a secure and stable platform for swift transactions.

        For professional traders, Trader Evolution® and MetaTrader 5 provide high-level trading capabilities, while Value Pro offers real-time information services and IR Trade assists in result calculations.

        Plug and Trade facilitates electronic asset trading, while Kinvo provides a convenient application for portfolio consolidation and quotation.


        Moreover, the Necton Investimentos app, available on iOS and Android, ensures that clients have access to the best platforms right in the palm of their hand, enabling them to trade efficiently and effectively from anywhere.


      Trading Tools

        Necton provides clients with a comprehensive trading tool, including a calculator feature that enables users to simulate trading costs based on their investment parameters. This tool allows users to input brokerage amounts and simulate total costs for different types of orders or lots.


      Customer Service

        Necton offers multiple customer service channels to assist clients with their inquiries and support needs during weekdays from 9:00a.m. To 6:00p.m. Clients can reach out to Necton through the following channels:

      •   Address: Necton has physical locations in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Santa Catarina, providing clients with the option to visit in person for assistance. The addresses are:

        •   São Paulo: Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1355 – 22º andar, Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo – SP, 01452-002.

        •   Rio de Janeiro: Rua Quitanda, 86 - 701B.

        •   Santa Catarina: Rua Romano Anselmo Fontana, 783 - sala 02, Centro, Concórdia – SC.

        •   Phone: Clients can contact Necton via phone for immediate assistance. The phone numbers are:

          •   0800 722 0048

          •   0800 770 9936

          •   Email: Clients can also reach out to Necton via email for inquiries and support. The email address is: atendimento@necton.com.br

          •   Social media Platforms: Necton maintains a presence on professional social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, where clients can engage with the company, access resources, and stay updated on news and developments.

          • Contact info


              In conclusion, Necton offers a diverse range of financial services catering to various investment needs, including treasury direct, fixed income, COE, stock market investments, and more. Despite its comprehensive offerings, it's essential to note that Necton operates without regulatory oversight, which raises concerns regarding consumer protection and financial security.

              While the company provides multiple customer service channels for assistance, interested clients should still be cautious due to its unregulated status.

            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

              Is Necton regulated by any financial authority?

              Necton operates without regulatory oversight, which raises concerns regarding consumer protection and financial security.

              What types of securities can I invest in with Necton?

              Necton offers a wide range of products and services for investment, including treasury direct, fixed income, COE, stock market investments, real estate funds, and more. Clients have access to various investment options to diversify their portfolios.

              What are the fees offered by Necton?

              Necton's fees vary depending on the type of transaction and security, ranging from R$ 0.05 to R$ 30.00 per contract for different investment options such as stocks, options, ETFs, real estate investment funds, and futures contracts.

              Is Necton suitable for beginners?

              Necton is not suitable for beginners due to its lack of regulatory oversight and complex fee structures. While the company offers a wide range of investment options, beginners should work with firms that provide more guidance and support for novice investors.

            Risk Warning

              Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information provided in this review may be subject to change due to the constant updating of the company's services and policies.


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