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〒678-0005 兵庫県相生市大石町4番25号

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〒678-0005 兵庫県相生市大石町4番25号

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Aioi Securities
WikiStock Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
FeesDomestic Stocks: 0.375% - 1.150%
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Account FeesFree Opening
Mutual Funds OfferedCountry Fund, MMF, MRF

Aioi Securities Information

  Aioi Securities was established in 1949 as a community-based securities company. The company provides investment services in domestic and foreign stocks, investment trusts, and bonds. The company offers online webinars to educate and support its clients. The company is regulated by the Financial Services Agency of Japan.

Aioi Securities' homepage

Pros & Cons of Aioi Securities

  • Wide range of products
  • Limited online services
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Small size
  • Educational support

  Wide range of products: Aioi Securities offers a wide range of investment products, including domestic and foreign stocks, investment trusts, and bonds.

  Regulatory compliance: Aioi Securities is regulated by Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) and adheres to strict financial regulations.

  Educational support: In addition to investment advice, Aioi Securities also provides support services for investment seminars.


  Limited online services: The company lacks a well-developed online trading and digital platform.

  Small size: With only 17 employees, Aioi Securities lacks the resources and infrastructure of a large securities company.

Is Aioi Securities Safe?

  Aioi Securities is considered safe. It is regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan with a regulatory license number of Kinki Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 1. Aioi Securities adheres to strict regulatory requirements that require client assets to be separated from the company's operating funds. In the event of bankruptcy or insolvency of Aioi Securities, client funds and securities will be separated and protected.

Regulated by FSA

What are Securities to Trade with Aioi Securities?

  Aioi Securities offers a variety of trading options, including domestic and foreign stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and money market funds. Customers can trade domestic stocks listed on major Japanese exchanges and engage in margin trading for increased leverage.

  Foreign stocks can be traded either through foreign consignment transactions or domestic listings on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Mutual funds provide diversified investment opportunities managed by professionals, while bonds include secure government bonds and convertible bonds that combine the benefits of stocks and bonds.

  Additionally, Aioi Securities offers Money Management Funds (MMF) and Money Reserve Funds (MRF) for stable, low-risk returns, though principal is not guaranteed.

What are Securities to Trade with Aioi Securities?

Aioi Securities Fees Review

  Aioi Securities offers a tiered commission structure for domestic and foreign securities trading. For domestic stocks, the commission ranges from 1.150% for transactions up to ¥1,000,000 to a minimum of ¥299,750 for transactions over ¥50,000,000. Fees are subject to a minimum of ¥2,750 if the calculated commission falls below this threshold.

  For bonds with stock acquisition rights, the commission varies similarly, starting at 1.000% for transactions up to ¥1,000,000 and decreasing with larger transaction sizes, reaching a minimum of ¥298,100 for transactions exceeding ¥50,000,000.

  Foreign stock trading commissions are structured similarly, starting at 1.250% for transactions up to ¥1,000,000 and reducing progressively with larger transactions, with a minimum commission of ¥196,500 for transactions over ¥50,000,000.

  In addition to trading commissions, Aioi Securities charges various other fees, including fees for specific services such as stock acquisition rights exercises and margin trading.

  Note: Please refer to this link for fee details: http://aioi-sec.com/fee-2/

Fee details

Research & Education

  Aioi Securities' investment life debut support is aimed at newcomers who want to start their investment journey safely and confidently. They introduce various investment products, investment concepts, and investment strategies.

  Aioi Securities offers comprehensive educational lectures. These courses cover basic trading concepts and investment strategies. They focus on imparting practical knowledge, including understanding market dynamics, risk management techniques, and effective asset allocation strategies.

Research & Education
Research & Education

Customer Service

  For inquiries or assistance, individuals may contact Aioi Securities by calling the Aioi Securities headquarters at (0791) 22-0654 during reception hours (9:00 to 18:00, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). Headquarters fax: (0791) 23-5116. In addition, the Ako office telephone: (0791) 42-0456, fax: (0791) 43-8368.

Contact info


  Aioi Securities offers a comprehensive range of investment services, covering domestic and foreign stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and margin trading. The company operates under strict regulation by Japan's Financial Services Agency. Aioi Securities still offers educational support via webinars. Aioi Securities' trading commissions are also structured on a tiered fee structure. However, it is worth noting that it is small in size and has limited online services.


  Is Aioi Securities regulated?

  Yes, Aioi Securities is a registered financial instruments business operator with a license from the first director of the Kinki Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho). It is also a member of the Japan Securities Dealers Association.

  Is Aioi a good platform for beginners?

  Yes, Aioi Securities offers comprehensive support and educational resources. They offer seminars, online materials to help new investors understand investment concepts and strategies.

  What types of investments can I trade with Aioi Securities?

  Domestic and foreign stocks, mutual funds (investment trusts), bonds, and margin trading.

Risk Warning

  The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.


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Securities Lending Fully Paid、Bonds & Fixed Income、Futures、Options、Stocks


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