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東京都千代田区大手町1-5-1 大手町ファーストスクエア

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Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

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東京都千代田区大手町1-5-1 大手町ファーストスクエア

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Mizuho Securities
WikiStock Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Account Minimum Varies by account type
Fees Mizuho Securities' main fees include a minimum commission of 1,045 yen for internet trading and 2,750 yen for call center transactions, with rates like 0.924% for trades under 1 million yen for internet trading, and additional fees for margin trading such as a 3.16% buyer interest rate and a 1.15% annual stock lending fee.
Account Fees Maintenance fees applicable
Margin Interest Rates Buyer interest rate: 3.16%, Stock lending fee: 1.15% per year
Mutual Funds Offered Yes
App/Platform User-friendly app with real-time data and customizable features


  Mizuho Securities is a prominent financial services provider known for its user-friendly trading app, comprehensive range of investment products, and robust customer support. While it offers many advantages, such as advanced security measures and a diverse product lineup, it is also characterized by relatively high trading fees.



  Mizuho Securities offers comprehensive financial services with robust safety measures, diverse investment products, and extensive customer support. However, it has relatively high trading fees and limited availability for U.S. residents.

Pros Cons
  • Regulations: Regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan.
  • High Trading Fees: Higher fees for certain trading services.
  • Funds Safety: Customer funds are insured, ensuring protection against certain risks.
  • Limited Availability: Not available for U.S. residents for account opening via app or website.
  • Safety Measures: Advanced encryption and comprehensive account security measures.
  • Complex Fee Structure: Varied and complex fee structures depending on the service used.
  • Diverse Products: Wide range of financial products including stocks, bonds, and investment trusts.
  • Maintenance Downtime: Occasional service maintenance affecting application processes.
  • Comprehensive Support: Extensive customer support in multiple regions including Europe, North America, and Asia.
  • Detailed Documentation Needed: Requires thorough documentation and identity verification for account opening.
  • User-Friendly App: Robust stock trading app with real-time data and biometric authentication.
  • Overseas Fees: Additional fees for overseas transactions and brokerage.


  Mizuho Securities is considered a safe institution for several reasons:


  Mizuho Securities is regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan, ensuring compliance with strict financial standards and practices.

FSA Regulation

  Funds Safety

  Customer funds are protected through insurance, this protection ensures that client accounts are safeguarded against certain risks.

  Safety Measures

  Mizuho Securities employs advanced encryption technologies to secure fund storage and utilizes comprehensive account security measures to prevent unauthorized access and protect user information from potential breaches. These measures collectively enhance the overall security of client investments and personal data.

What are securities to trade with MIZUHO SECURITIES?

  Mizuho Securities offers a variety of financial products and services for trading, including:

  Stocks: This category covers domestic and foreign listed stocks, IPOs, secondary offerings, ETFs, ETNs, REITs, margin trading, and stock lending transactions. Shareholder benefits and community information are also provided.

  Bonds: The bond offerings include new yen-denominated bonds, government bonds, and foreign currency bonds.

  Investment Trusts: They offer a selection of investment trusts, categorized by type and including foreign investment trusts and bond mutual funds.

  NISA Accounts: These are tax-advantaged investment accounts, with options for accumulation services and fund wraps.

  Pensions and Insurance: Includes variable and fixed annuity insurance, as well as whole life insurance options.

What are securities to trade with MIZUHO SECURITIES?

MIZUHO SECURITIES Accounts Opening Process

  To open an account with Mizuho Securities, follow these steps:

  •   Review Important Information: Check the “Important Information Sheet” for details on products and services.

  •   Identity Verification: Ensure you have valid identity documents (passports issued after February 4, 2020, are not accepted).

  •   Application Process: Apply using the “Open an account via app” service for account opening in as little as three business days or use the “Open an account online” service. Maintenance may affect processing times.

  •   Choose Trading Course: Select between “Direct Course” for online trading or “3 Support Courses” for consulting services.

  •   Additional Options: Contact customer service for assistance or to request an application form if needed.

  • MIZUHO SECURITIES Accounts Opening Process


      Mizuho Securities provides a comprehensive range of trading services, each with specific fees based on the nature of the transaction and the platform used.

      For online margin trading, stock brokerage commissions are free for both buying and selling, including new openings and repayments. However, there are additional fees that traders need to be aware of. The buyer interest rate is set at 3.16%, while the selling interest rate is 0.00%. Additionally, there is a stock lending fee of 1.15% per year. Traders will also incur a credit management fee of 11.0 yen per share, with a monthly limit of 1,100 yen, and a name transfer fee of 55 yen per trading unit, excluding domestically listed ETFs and ETNs.

      In spot trading, the minimum commission for internet trading is 1,045 yen for transaction amounts of 301,904 yen or less. For call center transactions, the minimum commission is 2,750 yen for trades of 297,738 yen or less. The fees are scaled based on the contract price. For trades below 1 million yen, the commission for internet trading is calculated as the contract price multiplied by 0.92400%, whereas for call center transactions, it is 0.34650% of the contract price. The fee structure continues to scale with increasing trade amounts, with specific percentages and additional fixed fees applicable to different trade brackets.

      For face-to-face transactions and other specialized services, such as convertible bond trading, the fees vary similarly based on the contract price. For instance, in convertible bond trading via the call center, the minimum fee is 2,750 yen. For contract prices below 700,000 yen, the commission is 0.94050% of the contract price. This structure scales with the value of the trades, including both percentage-based fees and additional fixed amounts.

      Furthermore, for overseas agency fees, Mizuho Securities charges an overseas brokerage fee along with other fees such as exchange fees and taxes. For example, the overseas agency fee for the US market is 0.2% of the contract price, while for Hong Kong, it is 0.25%. Additional costs like the SEC fee in the US and various taxes and duties in Hong Kong also apply.

      Mizuho Securities emphasizes the importance of understanding these fee structures and potential costs before engaging in trading activities. The fees can be influenced by numerous factors including market conditions, trade volume, and specific service requirements. For more detailed and updated information on their fee structure, traders are encouraged to refer to the official disclosures and consult with customer service representatives as needed.



      Mizuho Securities offers a robust stock trading app for smartphones, designed for both Android and iPhone users.

      Key Features:

    •   Real-Time Stock Prices: The app provides real-time stock price information with a user-friendly, simple design.

    •   Comprehensive Stock Information: Users can access detailed stock prices, charts, and news at any time.

    •   Ease of Use: The app features easy navigation with many slide movements and biometric authentication for quick login.

    •   Customizable My Page: Users can set indicators, register favorite stocks, and personalize their homepage.

    •   Board Orders and Valuation Graphs: Place orders while viewing market depth and visualize valuation gains and losses easily.

    •   For more details, you can download the app from the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone users.


      Research and Eduation

        Mizuho Securities provides a range of educational and research resources for investors. Their offerings include:

      •   Asset Management Education: This section introduces asset management concepts and financial knowledge, tailored for different investment needs.

      •   Investment Simulations: Tools for simulating investment outcomes based on monthly contributions and market movements.

      •   Market Analysis and Reports: Regular market analysis from analysts and helpful information on investments and asset management.

      •   YouTube Channel: Market explanations and educational videos are available on their official YouTube channel.

      • Customer Service

          Mizuho Securities offers extensive customer support across various regions, each catering to specific business needs.

          In Europe, Mizuho International is located at 30 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7AU, United Kingdom. They specialize in underwriting, sales and trading of securities, and M&A advisory services. Their contact number is 44-20-7236-1090.

          In North America, Mizuho Securities USA operates from 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, USA. Their services include underwriting, sales and trading of securities, futures trading brokerage, and M&A advisory services. They can be reached at 1-212-209-9300.

          In Asia, Mizuho Securities Asia has a presence in Hong Kong and Singapore. The Hong Kong office is located at 14-15/F, K11 Atelier, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, and offers underwriting, sales and trading of securities, M&A advisory services, and investment advisory services. Their contact number is 852-2685-2000. The Singapore office is situated at 12 Marina View, #25–02/03, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961, and provides underwriting, sales and trading of securities, M&A advisory services, futures trading agency and clearing services, and wealth management services. They can be contacted at 65-6603-5688.

          Mizuho Securities India, located at Level 17, TOWER–A, Peninsula Business Park, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013, India, focuses on M&A advisory services and offshore fundraising support. Their contact number is 91-22-4353-7600.

          Additionally, Mizuho Securities has representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai for information gathering. The Beijing office is located at Chang Fu Gong Office Building, 8th floor, No. 26 Jianguomenwai Street A, Chaoyang District, Beijing, with a contact number of 86-10-6523-4779. The Shanghai office is at Shanghai World Financial Center, 17th floor, No. 100 Century Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and can be reached at 86-21-6877-8000.

        Customer Service


          Mizuho Securities is a well-regarded financial services provider known for its comprehensive range of investment products, user-friendly trading app, and strong customer support across multiple regions. It is regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan, ensuring strict compliance with financial standards. While the company offers advanced security measures and insurance on customer funds, it is characterized by relatively high trading fees.


          Is Mizuho Securities safe to trade?

          Yes, Mizuho Securities is considered safe as it is regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan, employs advanced encryption technologies, and provides insurance on customer funds.

          Is Mizuho Securities a good platform for beginners?

          Mizuho Securities offers a user-friendly app with real-time data and comprehensive support, making it a suitable platform for beginners.

          Is Mizuho Securities good for investing/retirement?

          Yes, Mizuho Securities provides a wide range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, which are beneficial for both investing and retirement planning.

        Risk Warning

          The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.


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Securities Lending Fully Paid、Bonds & Fixed Income、Futures、Investment Advisory Service、Options、Stocks、ETFs、Mutual Funds

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