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Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.

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China Hong Kong

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香港荃灣海盛路3號 TML廣場29樓B3室

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Company Profile

Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Tiger Securities
WikiStock Rating ⭐⭐⭐
Account Minimum HKD 0
Fees Varies by transactions and services
Account Fees Free to open
Interests on uninvested cash Not specified
Margin Interest Rates The cash account is overdue by more than 9%, the margin account will enjoy a discount of 7%
Mutual Funds Offered No
App/Platform Longport is available on iOS, Andriod
Promotions Yes

What is Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.?

  Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. is an online brokerage firm that allows investors to purchase and trade various investment products online. It provides trading services for Securities Lending Fully Paid, Investment Advisory Services, Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds to both individual and institutional investors. Founded in Hong Kong in 1993, Tiger Securities is a subsidiary of China Galaxy International Securities and mainly focuses on providing brokerage services through its website and mobile apps. Key advantages include low trading fees, a wide range of trading platforms for iOS, Android, and Web, and around-the-clock customer support. Real-time market data and news help investors stay informed. However, the research capabilities could be more robust.

What is Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.?

Pros and Cons

  One of the main pros of using Tiger Securities is its low commission fees and transaction costs. It offers some of the most affordable rates compared to other brokers. Tiger Securities also provides a wide range of trading platforms for both desktop and mobile users. However, its research and analysis capabilities may not be as robust as some competitor firms. Customers also report occasional glitches on its trading platforms.

Pros Cons
  • Uses bank-level encryption and investor compensation fund protection of up to HK$150,000
  • Interest earned on cash balances may be low
  • No monthly account fees or minimum balance requirements
  • Occasional app or platform glitches reported by some customers
  • Trading apps are intuitive and easy to use
  • LLimited third-party research tools
  • Offers margin trading accounts

Is Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. Safe?

  Yes, Tiger Securities can be considered a safe broker. As a leading brokerage firm regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong, its license number is ANP612. It is required to follow strict compliance and capital reserve requirements. Tiger Securities is also covered by the Investor Compensation Fund which protects clients funds up to HK$150,000 in case of broker liquidation. Its platforms use bank-level encryption to ensure account and transaction security. Overall, Tiger Securities has a strong reputation and track record of handling client assets properly.

Is Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. Safe?

What are securities to trade with Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.?

  Tiger Securities allows the trading of a wide range of securities including Securities Lending Fully Paid, Investment Advisory Services, Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds. Some of the most popular securities available include Hong Kong blue-chip stocks, Hang Seng Index futures contracts, ETFs tracking major indices, and US-listed stocks from companies like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Clients can choose from over 2,500 stock options to build a diversified portfolio suited to their goals and risk appetite.

  Securities trading:

  Stock trading: including the buying and selling of Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, etc.

  Bond trading: including corporate bonds, government bonds, and other bond securities trading

  Warrant trading

  Provide advice on securities:

  Stock recommendation: recommend investment stocks based on the research results of the research team

  Asset management: provide diversified investment portfolio suggestions based on the client's financial situation

  Provide asset management:

  Asset management services: manage and invest client funds based on client needs

  Other services:

  Private equity fund sales: provide private equity fund products to customers

  Listed company services: provide financing advisory, equity placement, and other services to listed companies

  Stock mortgage financing: use stocks as collateral to obtain financing; Trust plan and convertible corporate bond financing channels; Medium- and short-term bridge financing solutions

  Through securities, opinions, and asset management, we provide customers with comprehensive financial intermediary services, including diversified solutions such as transactions, financial management, and financing. We use our strong network advantages to provide customized services for different customers.

What are securities to trade with Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.?
What are securities to trade with Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.?
What are securities to trade with Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.?

Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. Accounts

  Individual account:

  Applicable to individual natural person account opening; Documents required for account opening application include: account opening form, personal information certification documents, etc; Account authority is controlled by a single account holder; Account risks and profits are borne by individual account holders

  Joint account:

  Applicable to two or more individuals opening a joint account; Each joint account holder enjoys equal rights and bears equal obligations and risks; Account operation instructions require the consent of all joint account holders before they can be carried out; The funds and securities in the account belong to all joint account holders

  Corporate account:

  Applicable to company and corporate legal person account opening; Documents required for account opening application include: company document certification, authorization letter, etc.; Account authority is controlled and operated by the authorized representative of the company; Account risks and profits belong to the company; Shareholders and legal representatives do not enjoy direct rights and interests in the assets in the company account

  So in general, Tiger Securities supports the opening of three types of securities accounts: individual, joint, and corporate, with the difference being the type of account holder and account authority control.

Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. Accounts

Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. Fees Review

  Transaction commission:

  Online/mobile phone orders default to a low price of 0.25% or HKD100, encouraging customers to use self-service trading channels; telephone orders require negotiation of pricing, but not less than 0.25% or HKD100, focusing on the quality of manual service; commissions are calculated based on the transaction amount. The higher the customer's transaction amount, the lower the commission fee for one order

  Transaction-related fees:

  Stamp duty is fixed at 0.1%, and the government's collection does not fluctuate due to the transaction amount; transaction fees and levies are calculated based on the proportion of the transaction amount. The higher the transaction amount, the higher the fee but the lower the proportion; China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and regulatory agencies have charging standards, which are not related to the trading platform and are directly used for infrastructure

  Margin interest rate:

  Cash accounts are overdue by more than 9%, while margin accounts are discounted by 7%, encouraging the use of margin financing; The interest rate is floating, referring to the benchmark interest rate announced daily by HIBOR/HSPS; interest rate adjustments follow the changes in the benchmark interest rate on time, and customers can easily understand the interest rate risk; the interest rate is high but is calculated based on the customer's account balance and position, expanding the profit space

  So Tiger Securities has given open and transparent standards for fees and interest rates, taking into account the interests of both customers and enterprises.

Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. Fees Review

Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. App Review

  Longport: Customers can trade stocks/securities online through Longport. The software supports Windows and Mac systems; customers can trade by downloading the software. It supports real-time stock market information, real-time quotes, and trading volume, real-time orders to buy and sell securities, stock information query and chart analysis, stock portfolio management, and support for setting buy-one-sell-one-stop loss and stop profit, etc. In addition to the web-based platform, Longport also offers versions for iOS and Android.

Tiger Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. App Review

Research and Education

  Tiger Securities offers extensive market research and educational resources to help traders make informed investment decisions. Research reports are provided on listed companies, sectors, ETFs, and other topics. Educational webinars help build a fundamental understanding of financial concepts. Its learning hub contains a video library, e-books, and online courses on technical analysis, risk management, and more. These value-added services enhance users' knowledge and trading abilities over time.

  •   Tiger Securities provides professional educational resources including webinars, online courses, and educational materials covering financial fundamentals.

  •   Educational resources help traders of all levels expand their market knowledge.

  •   Third-party research reports from select established providers offer insights.

  •   Research reports cover listed companies, economic trends, and investment themes.

  •   Fundamental and quantitative analysis in third-party reports supports investment decision-making.

  •   While third-party options are limited, available reports offer experienced investors supplementary perspectives.

  •   Both educational resources and external research aim to empower clients to make informed investment judgments.

Customer Service

  Around-the-clock multilingual customer support is available through phone, email, and live chat to address any issues or queries. Reviews online highlight Tiger Securities' outstanding client services - representatives are prompt, knowledgeable, and solve problems efficiently. Its customer-first approach aims to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for users at all stages of the investing journey.

  Customer service support methods:

  HKD account opening and customer service hotline: (852) 3759 6500

  Customers can contact customer service through the hotline to answer questions.

  •   Tel: (852) 3759 6500 Fax: (852) 3544 3187

  Corporate email:info.sec@tigersam.com.hk

  Customers can also contact customer service through corporate email.

  Website form contact method: Customers can leave their contact information and inquiry content on the website, and customer service staff will reply.

  Customer service support hours:

  Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; Phone and email customer service support is provided during the standard working hours on weekdays.

  Saturday and public holidays: Closed

  Customer service support is temporarily unavailable on Saturdays and public holidays.

Customer Service


  In conclusion, Tiger Securities provides a comprehensive online brokerage platform for individuals and institutions. With its low fees, extensive product offerings, reliable trading tools, and high-quality customer service, it remains a popular choice for many traders in Asia. Overall, Tiger Securities remains a compelling choice for traders of all experience levels in Asia, underpinned by its reliable platforms, wide assortment of offerings, and focus on continuously enhancing the client experience.


  Is Tiger Securities a good platform for beginners?

  Tiger Securities provides various educational resources and a user-friendly trading platform that makes it suitable for beginners looking to learn investing basics.

  Is Tiger Securities legit?

  Yes, Tiger Securities is a legitimate and reputable broker regulated by the SFC in Hong Kong with a strong track record since 1993.

  Is Tiger Securities good for investing?

  While ideal for both short-term and long-term investing, Tiger Securities' low-cost structure and diverse investment choices make it a viable option for retirement portfolios, especially for cost-conscious investors.

Risk Warning

  The information provided is based on WikiStock's expert evaluation of the brokerage's website data and is subject to change. Besides, online trading entails substantial risks, potentially leading to a total loss of invested funds, so comprehending associated risks before engaging is crucial.


Registered region

China Hong Kong

Years in Business

5-10 years


Securities Lending Fully Paid、Investment Advisory Service、Stocks、ETFs、Mutual Funds

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